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Firefox - Pushing Pure Sounds

Author: Patricia Escalon
Monday, June 18, 2007
Firefox consists of Andy J and Darren Glen, two Melbourne DJs who have been collaborating now for over a decade. The duo was behind weekly radio show LOADED, a show that spanned more than five years and was broadcast across Australia every Saturday. Melbourne regularly sees Andy spinning the decks at clubs like Room and at the after parties for The Australian Open, Australian Grand Prix and Melbourne Fashion Week. Darren has been resident DJ at Melbourne clubs the Chevron, The Ritz, Sub, QBH, Evolution and Mercury Lounge. Their previous collaborations have hit the number-one spot on the dance charts several times, including Drive Me Crazy under the Smash'n'Grab moniker.

TranZfusion spoke to Firefox about their recently released album 'PURE', mixed in collaboration with Boogs and their upcoming Australian tour.

TranZfusion - How are you Andy J and Glen- Oops, sorry Darren.
Everyone always call me Glen. I don't know why.

I'm interested in your album with Vinyl Pusher, PURE and the influences on it. How do you choose which tracks you're going to use on the album-
Generally, we both get together and look at what tracks we are playing when we DJ and decide with the record label which tracks to use. We also aim to make it more 'Firefoxy' and keep it consistent through [sic] the mix.

What makes it 'Firefoxy'-
Firefox is more vocal and radio commercial. It's pretty much what we would play if we were spinning the tracks in a club.

In terms of 'PURE', though, what was your objective with the CD-
It's a great album to chuck on before you go clubbing. The two CDs are different stylistically. Boogs' CD is a little more underground - the Firefox CD is more vocal/commercial. You can definitely dance to it. It's not one of those CDs that you listen to in the shower...It's definitely got beats you can dance to. Pants are required.

Why the '80s- What is the reason behind the distinctive '80s flavour to the mix-
We've always loved the '80s. We grew up listening to Duran Duran, Depeche Mode...It's always been '80s-style arpeggios in our music. The '80s are more in vogue now and it's drawing it out in us and the selection that we carry.

When did you two start collaborating for Firefox-
We began 18 months ago, I guess. We sort of did a few projects together. We wanted to use female vocalists and Kylie J came across our path. This was an opportunity to create something vocal and fresh. We thought we needed a new project banner, which Andy J came up with.

What is the difference between the two CDs for 'PURE', stylistically speaking-
Boogs' CD is deeper and more underground. He's doing a more underground tour. We're doing the more commercial clubs with Firefox.

Are there any artistic objectives in the music you've put together-
The music we make is to play ourselves while we're DJing. We're trying to create a track that will work for us on the dance floor when we drop it, to get some compilations and some gigs. We're making music that we're happy with and that were happy with as DJs. The objective is to get people to sing along. Firefox will always have vocals that people can sing along.

Are you looking forward to any particular stages of your tour-
I love touring. It's all going to be a blur. It's going to be a bit of partying, a bit of drinking and a bit of debauchery.

Are there any venues you're not familiar with-
We've played at most of the venues...there might be a couple we haven't visited. We're always looking to expand our horizons.

What are your favourite tracks when you're touring, as opposed to the ones you choose for a CD-
We will be playing a lot of tracks from the CD and we'll be putting in a lot of bootlegs and what we think is appropriate for the mood of the clubs.

Why did you call the CD 'PURE'-