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Fuze 11 - Farewell, TranZfusion

Author: Aaron Roach
Tuesday, September 4, 2007
It's never easy breaking up with tens of thousands of people at once. It usually just ends in tears.

It's not really my historical angle (I'll leave that to the Grand Poobah), but it all started when I logged on to the site and found a streaming mix from Fantazia '97, in the UK. The bloke on the decks was Paul Van Dyk and I was simply stunned: what do you mean you can stream on the Internet-

I'd spend hours listening to the mixes on my dialup connection. It's only when I wanted to send in a mix that I realised 'HQ' was literally around the corner from mine! Shitty modem connection aside, it was the only place I'd spend more than a couple of minutes on, purely for the fact there were so many bloody mixes to get through.

Over the years - I've been a part of the site for more than eight years - things changed considerably, but one thing had always remained the same: the site wouldn't have made it without the volunteers.

The only reason I have the professional role I'm in today is because of the path that was devloped by the multitude of people who contributed their personal time into the site. It just wouldn't have worked without having the tireless efforts of these people on board and I can only hope I maintained a level of credibility that honours the previous work of the contributors. For that, I thank each and every one of you.

We've always had a different voice to everyone else...whether it was based around a certain genre or something completely off-topic, our people were ready to provide us with something that contrasted the other dance fuckers out there. I mean 'fuckers' in a good way. I think it's also because it feels good to swear in a column...probably.

This will always be my haven. I grew up with TranZfusion and was fortunate enough to become involved until the end. If it wasn't for this site, I probably would've got into the shit-stained music that dominates our mainstream.

I'll leave the thank-yous to the Grand Poobah. I've said what I needed to. See you fuckers on the other side.

Goodbye, TranZfusion.

Aaron Roach