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Interview - Bias B

Author: TranZfusion
Monday, March 19, 2007
Over the past couple of decades, most of the music community has been head-bobbing to the tune of American Hip Hop, without much headway for the likes of local talent.

Enter Bias B - Australian music legend and, more importantly, innovator of the local Hip Hop sound.

TranZfusion caught up with him (well, we emailed and he obliged our nerd-like questions) to talk about his new album and his background in the world of the rhythmic-styled, spoken word concept.

You almost have to earn the right to name an album 'Been There Done That'. When everything started for you in the late eighties, did you envision yourself three albums in and holding almost legendary status in Australian Hip Hop-
I had the dream from the start to be someone important within the scene. As an early teen, I guess everyone wants to find their place and fit in somewhere. As a graf writer, I always wanted to be like my peers, but as an MC I wanted to be me and never looked up to others. So I guess I got where I wanted to be.

You are in charge of two of the best Hip Hop shows on air in Melbourne with your long time, on-air partner, Stewbakka. It shows a great love for your music to do this week in, week out. What do you love about radio-
We have actually now retired from radio after 10 years of service. I always did love meeting and interviewing my idols such as RZA and Tim Dog and it was a great opportunity to play what I thought was good Hip Hop and support the local scene when it really needed it. The hard part was giving up every Friday night but I guess that's what the love is about. Now with the tour and baby commitments coming, I had to say goodbye.

It seems to me after listening to this album that Bias B has moved into a new era of his life. After a long career, what have been some of the highlights for you over the years-
Way too many to mention. I loved the MC Comps, seeing my work pressed to vinyl, touring the country and becoming the "Ladies Man".

With the release of 'Been There Done That' came the beginning of a ten-show tour to promote the album. It must be great to get the opportunity to be able to bring it live on stage. What can punters expect from a Bias B live show-
A bigger and better show than ever before. A lot of good Hip Hop, a few laughs and a lot of love in the room. It's time to really enjoy how far I've come and thank the people at my shows with a good performance.

'Now You're Gone' features some very heartfelt lyrics, and it's great to see that Hip Hop can still give the artist that type of expression. Do you feel that some music of the same genre, but in a commercial nature, can lack substance-
Definitely. I really hate fake shit or lyrics which don't get to the point. I believe if it's from the heart people will know and it will speak for itself. The music scene in general does not have much substance these days. It's all about getting the money.

When all the chips are down and it seems like it's the end, what do you hope to have achieved in Hip Hop, on both personal and global levels-
I believe I've achieved all I need to achieve. If I died tomorrow I will always be remembered as someone important in the Aussie scene. I still love making music and just want to try to improve with each album from here on. I no longer have anything to prove to the hip hop community, only to myself and I will continue to write songs I want to hear and write about things that mean something to me. If other people like it then that is a bonus.

Bias B will be demonstrating this power when he embarks on this 10-show tour, making this his most extensive tour to date. For many cities, this will be a long overdue return and Bias B will be teaming up with regular hype man Bigfoot and DJ Mixa to put on a powerful show and bring you classic tracks such as 'Ladies Man' and 'Move On The Pavement' as well as contagious, neck-snapping trac