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Jason Martin's Red Bull Wings

Author: TranZfusion
Monday, April 30, 2007
Held every year in a different location worldwide, the Red Bull Music Academy is an incredible melting-pot of musical styles, influences and inspirations. With applications closing in just a few short days for this year's Academy held in Toronto, Canada, TranZfusion caught up with past attendee Jason Martin to find out about the experience!

The local profile of the Red Bull Music Academy has risen noticeably since it was held in Melbourne last year, but turn the clock back two years and there wasn't a widespread knowledge of its existence. How did you hear about it and what attracted you to apply-

I was lucky enough to be the sole Australian participant at the 2005 Red Bull Music Academy in Seattle, Washington. I'd heard great things about the academy through some of the previous attendees from Melbourne and had also checked out a lot of the lectures online at the RBMA website (, which is an incredible resource of music history and knowledge. The decision to apply was a spur-of-the-moment thing - I'd been chatting with someone about the academy and thought I'd apply (never expecting that I would actually get invited!).

Tell us about how you were feeling when you arrived at the Academy. Did you have any clue what you were in for-

Excited, jet-lagged and possibly a little apprehensive. There was a lot of collective energy when all the participants (30 people from all over the world) met each other for the first time, and arriving at the decked-out academy space (a refurbished warehouse in downtown Seattle) was pretty mind-blowing. Having spoken to previous participants, I thought I had a pretty good idea about what to expect from the Academy, but nothing can really prepare you for the one-off experience that the RBMA offers.

What were you aiming to get out the academy- Did this differ from your overall experience-

I didn't have anything specific I wanted to get out of the academy as such, but what I did get was an incredible experience, the opportunity to meet/work with some of the people that I respect musically and also a whole lot of new friends from all over the globe.

Each year so many legends of the industry lecture at the Academy. Was there any in particular who imparted any pearls of wisdoms to you--

Really enjoyed (in no particular order) the talks from DJ Harvey, Hank Shocklee, Leon Ware, Jimmy Douglass and Morgan Geist (all in Seattle 2005) and the Mizell Brothers, Carl Macintosh, Daniel Wang, Kutcha Edwards and Maurice Fulton (all Melbourne 2006). For pearls of wisdoms you'll have to check out the podcasts on!

What would you say to someone considering applying for the Red Bull Music Academy-

Do it now - you will never know unless you apply. An amazing and unique opportunity!

Applications for this year's Red Bull Music Academy close on 4th May for your chance to score yourself an all-expenses paid trip to Toronto. Application CDs are currently circulating and the Application Form is available for download at