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Tom Novy interview: SuperUnexpected

Author: Shell Heaven Lee
Thursday, February 22, 2007
Despite naming his latest CD 'Superstar', one would be a mistake to confuse his light hearted attitude towards the industry, and life in general, as arrogance. In fact, as much as he shrugs it off, there is no denying that 15 years in the industry have brought the German house music producer and DJ very serious worldwide success. Hits like Take It and Your Body were made memorable for both club music lovers and the average ear. Novy loves to set the mood, whether behind the decks on island parties or in front of the cameras for several German music television shows. So upon the eve of the Future Music Festival, TranZfusion's Shell Heaven Lee spoke with Novy about his latest album, collaborating with Melbourne's TV Rock and some surprises he has in store for Future Music Festival goers.

Hey Tom! You're notorious for bringing your musical flavour to beautiful men and women in far-flung paradises where the champagne flows. What have been some parties in exotic locations that you've recently played at-
I'm lucky enough to play at lots of great locations in the last year, like Space Ibiza and the Love Parade, but to mention one as particularly special would not be doing the other ones justice. I have to say though, one event I'm really keen to be playing at is the Future Music Festival. Sure there are really big paradise locations, but the event doesn't have to be on an island paradise for the gig to be truly amazing.

You are a producer, remixer, mixer, columnist, VJ, DJ, and a Radio Jockey to name a few of your roles. How do you divide your time between all of these occupations-
To be honest, there is not much spare time left. For me it's always I think there's lots to do, so it's more or less living a dream.

The title of your next single release is Unexpected. What are some things that we can expect to hear out of the Unexpected-
The Unexpected title relaters to the single perhaps surprising some listeners as it's a little bit slower than you would expect. But it's still a proper club song, featuring a new talented vocalist. She sounds a bit like Kylie Minogue, you might think upon hearing her voice. I've been mainly remixing for the club environment, and Unexpected is a little bit of a change as it's more relaxed than Your Body for example. . It's a nice little song that goes about really getting you in the mood.

Having been in the business for 15 years and taking into account your new album is titled "Superstar", wWhat do you feel makes a true "Superstar"-
I mean I'm not taking myself too serious, it's more or less a joke. After being so long in the business, I wanted to call it first of all "Greatest Hits", but the record label was not ready as they wanted to do another album with me. That's probably why we called it Superstar. People should not take it too seriously, because I always like to make jokes at my own expense.. I would say the album's more song orientated, and I think it's a little more poppy than the last one. And of course we have taken a lot of great remixes out of the album, It's got songs in it like Your Body, Take it, and Unexpected, and also the new single coming up with Mike Marshall called "It's my house. And of course my work with TV Rock "The Power".

You've also teamed up with lyricist Robin Felder and your studio partner Adrian Bahil. What ideas and direction did you really want to bring out in the new record-
The direction is very song-orientated and it should make sense lyric-wise. It's not a concept album, or too focused on proper club tunes. Each and every song stands out on its own, and of course that's the reason why we made lots of remixes from the different singers. For "Your Body" we had like 7 remixes, and 2 coming out of Australia.

The 'Superstar' album is set to remind us of a little of the poppy sound of Kylie Minogue and Madonna and comparable to Mirwais and surprising us with some