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Top 10 Hottest Things On The Planet

Author: TranZfusion
Thursday, July 12, 2007
1. Transformers
Is there anything cooler than seeing your favourite 2-D characters battle it out in full and magnificent 3-D glory- Kids these days wouldn't appreciate the fact we had to watch everything on a standard TV that had a remote on a cord and a VCR that couldn't record. The movie rocks and it should be a priority for anyone who cares about the future of the world. Optimus Prime in the hizaaaaaaaay!

2. Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix
Adaptations are a dime a dozen these days. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a film that isn't based on a book or a world event. Harry Potter is back...again...and it's all about magic, if you didn't know. Apparently, his magic wand glows around Hermione. We'd shake our wands at Hermione, too. Speaking of, has anyone else noticed how her bags o' fun have become drastically larger in this poster- Wand shaking for everyone.

3. Simpsons Movie
The only adaptation worth seeing this year will be this. Everyone has massive, massive expectations. It's been a long time coming, but it so one of those things that you just go, 'it's fucking worth the wait'. They've taken 20 years to get to this stage...unlike those other cartoons currently out there ('Plagiarismo' and 'Plagiarismo di Plagiarismo' for those in the know).

4. E3 2007
It's here every year and it's the coolest show on the planet, if you're into gaming and the like. This is where we get to see the coolest trailers for the coolest games, watch in awe at how far gaming has progressed with lush graphics and the like and get our credit cards swiping with anticipation. It's expensive, but it's bloody worth it.

5. iPhone Nano
The iPhone is the newest toy on the block, but it's already rumoured to have a slimmed-down version, creatively entitled 'iPhone Nano'. They really have some smart people at Apple. Does anyone even care about Apple any more- Unless you're a hip stereotype (as they serve all their ads around), then you're probably not fazed by the phenomenon and realise that Samsung's F700 is going to blow it out of the water.

6. Snow Patrol's Tom Simpson and a Cocaine Charge
Snow Patrol's Tom Simpson is in a spot of trouble after being charged with possessing 'Celebrity's Choice', also known as cocaine. Snow Patrol and cocaine - the irony is not lost on us by any stretch of the imagination. For other sorts of cocaine stories, we suggest you check out our artist profiles section. Pretty sure there'd be a few in there who wouldn't mind Celebrity's Choice.

7. Paris Hilton
If you're reading TranZfusion for the first time, then we strongly recommend you check out our Paris coverage here, here, here, here and here. We love her in a way only a dance music website could.

8. David Beckham - Wannabe Hollywood A-lister
He's a wanker now. Well, he's always been a wanker, but now he's an A-list wanker. His wife's a wanker, too, and we're pretty sure the kids will grow up to be wankers. How the fuck does mum keep her kids happy when she looks as though she's unfolded out of a box- Becks could do much better, and it's no surprise he'll put his end in other places.

9. Nicole Richie
Three words: 'pregnant'; 'drink-driving'; 'jail'. We're pretty sure that says it all.

10. Live Earth
It could've been so much better on so many levels, but Al Gore decided he'd rush things and omit some of the more important things happening, like the above nine points. Can't he just go<