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Anja Schneider - Where The Wild Things Are

Author: Nick Jarvis
Monday, 19 May 2008
Anja Schneider is a very busy lady - the Berlin-based techno/minimal maestro is a label head, producer, radio host and superstar DJ all in one. She gracefully took a little time to chat with 3D's Nick Jarvis about her new album.

Beyond the Valley, your debut artist album, has a decidedly warm feel, quite different to the sterility of much minimal - did you set out to make warm, emotive house when you started writing the album-

It was not a special concept. If you listened to my old tracks and sets, you will find a lot of warm and deep sounds in it. It's me!

You've described it as being about 'the place where your parents told you not to go play as a child' - if you had to personify the album as a particular place on earth, where would it be-
You can compare the place maybe with the forest you will find in the old TV series, Twin Peaks. You already known that it's dangerous to go there but the appeal was bigger to know what is going on there - dangerous and attractive at the same time. On the other hand it can be every dancefloor in the world. In the night you can make the most interesting connections. Let go of your problems and you will find creatures you will not find during the day. Conversations can be everything or nonsense and in the dark of the night you can hide yourself.

You've been recording with Sebo K and Paul Brtschitsch for quite a while now, are there any other producers you're planning to work with-
With Paul Brtschitsch I co-produced the album and we work very good together. There is a lot of respect and I learned a lot of good things from Paul. It was a very helpful and important time with him and we will carry on because we have a lot of ideas waiting. Sebo K is, for me, one of the best producers at this time. I'm very proud that we worked together in the beginning and he helped me a lot. I'm very proud that he is a part of Mobilee.

Your label Mobilee is known for 'pristine minimal, slinky grooves and deep house', is it a similar sound to what you push on your radio show Dance Under the Blue Moon-b>
The radio show reflects all the records that are important in the clubs. It's my taste in music but you will find also some techno tracks beside wired, electronic stuff.

You've become a tastemaker in Berlin thanks to your radio show and access to the freshest music - what are some of the most exciting things happening music-wise there at the moment-

There are some new, fresh and hot producers coming up, with their own specific sound, which I like. You will find more melodies and deepness in the tracks. Even the really good techno tracks sound very warm at this time.

Finally, you'll be touring the album non-stop for the next few months, is there a plan to bring it out to Australia-
I would love to come - do you have any options- I guess watch out, my dudes Pan-Pot will come very soon.

WHO: Anja Schneider
WHAT: Beyond the Valley through Mobilee
WHEN: Out now