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Audiojack - Jack Around

Author: 3D
Monday, 28 July 2008
3D catches up with the production/DJing team Audiojack ahead of their returning set at Chinese Laundry.

What's been happening production-wise since you guys were last here-
Loads! We've been predominantly working on our debut album for the last eight months, which is almost finished - we've got about 12 tracks done so far and are fine tuning it now. We've done a few remixes recently but we've had to cut back quite a bit so we could focus properly on the album. Were very excited by how it's sounding.

You put out your debut EP last year. When can we expect your full-length-
Our album should be totally finished by late August so hopefully we would like to get it out before the end of the year, maybe late November/early December. We're aiming to present about 14 brand new tracks on the album.

You're also label managers at U.F.O. In what direction is U.F.O. going- It's been a busy few months with a few releases coming out. Can you tell us about them-
U.F.O. will always follow the pattern of music we like, tracks we play and producers we support. There is so much talent out there, much of which goes unnoticed and we'd like to help these people get to where they deserve to be.

The next release is DiFi's 24 Bit Bleep, which will come with ace remixes from Kanio and Spektre. Then we've got a wicked three-track EP from Marshall, we've been hammering all the tracks on this EP for months and they always get an amazing response. Then after that releases are due from the likes of Bigger Than Jesus and The Youngsters, both of these tracks might get Audiojack remixes depending on how quickly our album gets finished.

What does your live set comprise of- How much Audiojack production can we expect to hear-
Roughly 4.2 Audiojack productions per set, although we have a sliding scale of percentages depending on how long we're playing!

Seriously though, it depends on many factors; the crowd, the club, how we're feeling, how we're reading the people, etc. Our sound covers a lot of classifications, genres or little boxes people seem to invent. Our aim is simply to play music that makes people dance and have the best time possible.

Finally, what's going to go down at Chinese Laundry in August- What antics can we expect-
We had an amazing time at Chinese Laundry last time with Nathan Fake; it was our favourite gig of that tour so more of the same hopefully! We've got tonnes of great new music and we can't wait to showcase it in Sydney.

WHO: Audiojack
WHAT: Plays Club Club at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Saturday 2 August