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Baby Gee - Gee's Wild Side

Author: Utility Man
Monday, 28 July 2008
Whether he's spinning house, big room electro or his trademark tech-trance, Baby Gee knows how to ignite the dancefloor. Now he's teamed with house DJ Shamus for the Wild Weekends 2008 compilation. The results are, ahem, wild.

What's fresh in Baby Gee's world at the moment-
Me, first thing on a Monday morning after a massive weekend in Sydney.

So, what's the wildest weekend you've ever had-
Probably last time I went to Darwin. They had the Darwin Cup on and my overnight stay turned into a six-day blur with me wearing a dress out at the races, receiving a free lift home from the police (thanks guys), a massive blank spot in my memory lasting three of those days, me missing three flights and booking a bus trip home to Brisbane so I wouldn't miss my gigs back there.

Good effort- So on the DJing front, you're keeping busy with the Friday through Sunday grind - tired yet of the lifestyle-
How could I ever get tired of playing music- Sometimes I wish I could have a couple of weekends off, but that all changes as soon as you get in the club and realise you still have the best job.

Playing out so much, how have your skills in the DJ booth evolved-
I can now successfully beat match, all the while holding a drink, cigarette, mobile and camera in one hand!

To the Wild Weekends mix, how did you approach the project in terms of what you wanted to present to the listener-
The Wild Weekends series is a commercial CD so Shamus and I approached it with a 'give the punter exactly want they want' attitude. The CD presents the big tracks happening in the clubs at the moment. I'm good friends with Shamus so we both talked about the direction and tracks we wanted before we even started the CD. In the end we didn't have any problems at all, we pretty much had our own style.

You've been a driving force of the Australian scene over the last couple of years - how healthy is the electronic/dance field at the moment-
It keeps going from strength to strength. Ask any international DJ and they love coming out here to play because our scene is so good.

Inthemix voting has commenced - how do you plan to nab Ajax's mantle-
I'm not really that concerned [about the] inthemix voting. I never have been and I've just been lucky enough to pull out some kind of good result. Although I am holding a car wash at my local petrol station, which will see me in a special Baby Gee-banger raising funds so I can spam everyone on Facebook and MySpace.

WHO: Baby Gee
WHAT: Wild Weekends 2008 through Central Station
WHEN: Out now