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Biz - Taking Care Of Bizness

Author: NJ
Monday, 30 June 2008
3D's NJ catches up with Biz, playing Lost Baggage this weekend.

Your recent release Get Loose has picked up some serious momentum, with Dave Clark adding it to his top ten, and there are about six tracks up on the Cliq MySpace already, is there an LP release in the works-
I'm currently producing two tracks [per] week so what is on MySpace is just a taste of what I am doing. An album can be such a creative concept but can take months, even years. I prefer spontaneity and an EP gives me that and can be just as creative - cool artwork, kooky titles and great tracks. I currently have five EPs that are about to come out via Cliq.

Your first release was on Clan Analogue in '93; how has your production style and taste changed since way back then-
Back then it was hardware all the way: three Juno 106s, two SH101s, mini Moog, 808 drum machine, 909 drum machine, Akai sampler- now it's me, my MacBook Pro and a juicy controller. Taste-wise things haven't changed much, I'm still a fan of squelchy analogue grooves oozing with hitek funk, but the most important thing to me is I want my production to inspire and excite - this is art y'all.

Listening through your MySpace tunes I was struck by the mellow acid vibe, and the warm, loose, druggy beats - do you think you've taken those musical influences from the days of original acid house and techno and updated them-
I am musically what I grew up listening to and I guess spending my youth at electro jams, South American festivals, Hordern parties and DJing in the early rave scene has made me a lover of mind warping sounds- I was always big on the acid sounds but especially when it was combined with hip hop grooves-hip house stylee.

What's your production approach- Do you have a method for building up a track, or is it different every time-
Ableton has really meant that I can now produce as I want to. Back in the day we use to jam to make tracks - all the analogue gear would be running on sequences and one would use the mixer and FX creatively bringing things in and out while recording straight to digital audio tape. When I got into hard disk recording I found it very uninspiring and I definitely had a dry spell for a number of years. When Ableton came along I finally was at home in the computer world, as the program is all about jamming to make tracks which really lets me take advantage of my DJ background. There's no big secret, I just get some cool ideas together and dub it up Jamaican style - just like DJing in the club.

Finally, have you bought your baby daughter Hannah her own Mini Moog yet- Does she dig techno-
I thought when Hannah came along my music would slow down but having her in my life has truly taken my production to the next level. She is my techno baby 100 per cent and she's coming for the ride.

WHO: Biz
WHAT: Plays Lost Baggage at The Cross
WHEN: Saturday 5 July