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DJ Gregory - Classically Defected

Author: Cyclone
Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Frenchman DJ Gregory has stuck to his roots, playing classic house when everyone else seems to be going with the trends. Cyclone sits down for a chat before his Sydney set this week.

You are one of the few DJs on an international level to still be releasing classic deep house. Where do you see yourself in relation to the contemporary dance scene-
‘Contemporary dance scene’ is a big term. There are so many movements in the dance music, as there has been a huge comeback of deep house in Europe supported by all those new producers who play deep house, techno, minimalist grooves, atmospheric vocals, and electronic peak-time phenomena. I feel completely connected with this new era of clubbing. A few years ago it seemed more difficult to play techno and deep in the same night.

To what extent does American house influence you these days-
There are always lots of dope producers in the States. At the moment however, there is a lot of exciting music coming from Europe and the UK. A few years ago I was mainly focusing on the States, where today I like to blend all those different beats.

How are you evolving as a DJ/producer- Have your tastes changed over time-
Evolve would be the word. I suppose I still like the same grooves but love the flavour of today. It’s still always about that the right song.

Everyone is talking about French producers at the moment - with 'noise' acts like Justice very popular. But you have stayed away from that. How do you feel about today's French music-
I think it’s great. France has a lot of talent with all kinds of dance music representing worldwide. French producers have stuck to their way, which is great. It results in a wider range - it would have been sad if everybody would have tried to do the same thing

Are you working on any new music or projects at the moment- Would you release an 'artist' album-
For the moment I’m working on music for Defected I’m also preparing a remix of old dancehall and reggae meet electronic. Yes, I would like to put together an artist album in 2009.

How do you feel about changes in the music industry in relation to digital files and laptop DJing-
It seems to be the future. I took a very long time to switch from vinyl to CD - I think I’ll take the same time to switch from CD to laptop. The only thing I miss sometimes is the quality of the sound. At the moment, there is no way you can beat the warmth of a vinyl

What music do you listen to when not working-
I listen to everything from jazz and techno, movie soundtracks, classic disco, house, soul and Brazilian bossa. Recently I’ve been focusing quit a lot on this new wave of ambient music coming from the north of Europe. It’s full of texture with all kinds of sounds. Some of them are a full of completely random noise, others may be hypnotic or atmospheric. This kind of music has been around for at least twenty years but, with the technology evolving it is becoming much more advanced.

You are returning to Australia - and specifically Melbourne. What can we expect-
You can expect a range of millennium style beats, deep and classic house and electronic. We’re going to party!

WHO: DJ Gregory
WHAT: Plays Defected at Favela
WHEN: Saturday 16 August