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DJ Sir-Vere - The Sublime And The Sir-Vere

Author: 3D
Monday, 28 July 2008
3D gets the lowdown on producing a mixtape DJ Sir-Vere style, as the acclaimed New Zealander unleashes Major Flavours 3.

Congratulations on finishing the mixtape and booking the tour. How's the feedback for Major Flavours 3-
Thank you! The feedback has been great. The beauty of the internet and vehicles like MySpace and Bebo, is that my fans can directly communicate with me and so far people have been loving the new set. I like the fact that I could include local tracks again and also put some classics in the mix too.

There's a pretty diverse mix across the two disks. You've got the likes of Blackstreet and Lil' John on the same compilation. What mindset did you have going into the project-
I always approach each album with the mindset of outdoing my previous project. Major Flavours 3 is my 11th mix CD so it's a real challenge to me personally to make it sound hot. I'm real happy with the new volume.

How did you go about selecting tracks- Are they personal favourites-
The process of clearing tracks for use on the mixtape is the single most boring and tedious part. In reality I don't have to do that part, but it's a real struggle for the people at the label to make it happen. Initially I put together a list of about 120 tracks I'd like to use and we get 40 odd back cleared for use. On this new volume I was stoked to get old school joints like No Diggity by Blackstreet and People Everyday by Arrested Development. From the new tracks, I really like You from Lloyd featuring Lil' Wayne and the banging The Finger Things by DJ Felli Fel featuring Kanye West, Ne-Yo, JD and Fabolous.

There are a few local MCs that feature. How important was it to give Australian and NZ rappers some live-
Always. Ever since I started to make these compilations it's been a directive to put on the locals too. Major Flavours 3 only features a couple, but they are my personal favourites - Illy from Melbourne with Full Tank and New Zealand's R.E.S. with an exclusive called Major Flavour - R.E.S. includes Tek who is my favourite Australasian MC.

There's a pretty extensive tour planned. What sort of set can we expect- Is it primarily going to be an album showcase-
It's primarily a party set. I've been touring with my MC MZRE for over five years now and we are totally in sync, so there is lots of crowd interaction and party joints. It's all about good times, so that's our directive.

What's happening after the tour- Is there anything currently in the works-
I'm looking to relaunch Major Flavours in New Zealand. I took a few years off doing them but now I think is the time to restart the series. I'm also looking to make an artist-based album in 2009, so I'll be starting pre-production for that in early 2009.

WHO: DJ Sir-Vere
WHAT: Major Flavours 3 through Universal / Album launch at Sapphire
WHEN: Out now / Thursday 31 July