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Drapht - Final Drapht

Author: 3D
Monday, 23 June 2008

One half of the Brothers Grimm, Drapht talks 3D through an album with gruesome connotations.

Was your introduction to the music that inspired you to become an MCthrough friends or family- Who had the bigger influence over you-
Well I come from a musical background, my dad is a drummer/percussionist so I was introduced to a lot of different types of worldly music from a real young age, going back as long as I can remember. Even hip hop, the first little taste was when I was about eight, it was Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five with The Message.  

Is the West Coast hip hop scene a tight one, in your view-
Perth is a very patriotic place in general; we have a real tight crew here with some of the most respected artists in the scene! Everyone has a different style but still respects the next man’s (or lady’s, when it comes to Layla) music.  
What were you trying to achieve with Brothers Grimm, your third album-
Simply a diverse third album. I wanted to be 100 percent honest with everything I wrote about when it came to my lifestyle, and on top of that write an upbeat album that would be good to do live as well as writing songs that the average Joe/Jane can relate to.

You’re known for covering a broad range of issues in your rhymes, what was inspiring you for the lyrics on this latest long-player-
Day to day issues, money - whether you have it or don't have it, it still effects your life in some way or another. Drinking, of course, following your dreams, religious beliefs, music, the scene, working for the man, relationships, insomnia and so on. Just stuff that effected me at the time I was writing.   

The title Brothers Grimm suggests a pre-occupation with gruesome fairy tales, is that reflected in the content-
Originally when I started thinking about putting a new record out I felt like I wanted to start from scratch again, and not put anything else out under the name of Drapht. So from the beginning it was the crew name, myself and Trials were the Brothers Grimm. The name itself has no bearing on the actual album’s context; it’s just the two people involved with it.

Who features on the album- 
When writing this album I wanted to keep it solely solo, I’ve had a few problems with previous experiences with chasing up recordings and time restraints. So I only have one song on the album featuring my friends Dazastah, Ciecmate and Trials, a track called Rest In Peace.  

Trials provided the beats, did you work together collaboratively on the music or did he provide a bunch of beats for you to choose from-
Trigga sent me the heat over the net, or would give me a beat CD when he came here or visa versa. I wrote all the songs in Perth, then when it was all written I flew over to Adelaide and stayed on T's couch for two weeks while we put it all together.  

Finally, what can punters expect from your upcoming tour-
An albino, a black guy and a white Michael Jordan! A big party and Jimmy Recard's the host for the night.  

WHO: Drapht
WHAT: Brothers Grimm through Obese
WHEN: Out now