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EL Perro Del Mar - Aiming High

Author: Jane Stabler
Monday, 14 July 2008
3D's Jane Stabler talks with El Perro Del Mar about the Swedish chanteuse's new album and the equal importance of both music and lyrics.

Sarah Assbring, or as she is known in the music world, El Perro del Mar, is not just a pretty face, as she proved with what has been described as a stunningly beautiful debut album. About to follow it up with her sophomore release From the Valley to the Stars, this Swedish songstress hasn't lost her touch for the picturesque despite trying to be as unfashionable as possible.

'I think that for myself I wanted to make something that was the complete opposite of what I had done for the first album [and that] was more to do with the process in itself when I worked with it and recorded it,' she says of her new concept record. 'The first album was about writing individual songs and this album is about working on a complete piece.'

The new album in its indie pop completeness combines lyrics and music with seeming equal importance, which is surprisingly still the case even when the track is instrumental.

'I do think that the lyrics and the music should go hand in hand,' the singer muses, 'but on this album I made some instrumental pieces as well and on those I really, really did feel they didn't need any lyrics because they could in themselves, in their harmonies, they could reveal certain feelings. But at the same time the titles [of] the instruments songs are very, very important and the songs probably wouldn't have managed to bring forward the feelings I wanted without the titles.'

As she so aptly describes, even without words El Perro del Mar's music manages to convey feelings of love, happiness, hope and imagination. The Swedish musician admits that her focus on these emotions is primarily because they are what are most important to her, and often enable her escape from the everyday.

'I think that are for me all of those things are things that give you hope in life and hope is the most important thing,' she reveals. 'I think when [my songs] come from my everyday experience, or especially [when] I feel I need to write a song is to rid myself of the feelings I've had, the music is kind of a way to escape every day life I think. It's about building up some kind of imaginary world, and to escape [the] every day world. At times I think I'm escaping when I create music but at the same time writing music for me is a way of making everything larger than life, and magnifying certain feelings as a means to try and get to them and really get to the point of them!'

WHO: El Perro del Mar
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