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Ekkohaus - Talking About Haus Music

Author: 3D
Thursday, 7 August 2008
Berlin-by-way-of-Greece house and techno producer Ekkohaus bides his time between killer floorfillers and his anti-technology night, Strictly No Dancing. 3D chatted to the DJ ahead of his Sydney show.
We see you were into rhythm from a very young age, starting out playing percussion as a youth. Is this how you got into DJing-from an obsession with rhythm-
Our first encounter with music, as a species, was through rhythm. So my story was no different, I started by 'banging that drum'.

You were born in Greece, how did you come to being based in Berlin- Couldn't resist the draw of a clubbing mecca-
I was living in London for six years before I moved to Berlin so clubbing was not the reason; it was rather the relaxed, tolerant, artist-friendly environment, and especially the political/environmental/economical situation of the city. It is quite simple really: the humanitarian nature attracted me to Berlin.

You run a monthly night in Berlin called Strictly No Dancing, which is an interesting choice of name for a club night, can you tell us a little about the club-
It is not a club night, it is a bar night. Our home for last winter was Klub der Republik, we are currently looking for a new location where we can continue educating the more profound citizen. The idea for Strictly No Dancing came from my need as an electronic artist to keep a safe distance from technology, meaning that we get to spend a lot of time with computers or in busy clubs playing techno music - maybe the same hit records, on loud monitor booths, etc. SND takes place mostly Tuesday nights, when DJs are not in some place for a gig. The guest DJ will be asked to unfold his musical background and influences rather than his hit records, and that results in more soul than loops, more musicality than mathematics, more blues notes, less control... We have enjoyed nice jazz and blues, dub and pop, electro and noise, grungy guitars and boogie - we still are addicted to our old 4/4 early house vinyls and there is a time in the night when people are waiting for the dancefloor beat to kick in.

What productions are you working on at the moment- Can we expect them to drop in the near future-
I'm constantly working on new sound and projects. Technology evolves fast and what we do depends sometimes on that progress - you've got to think ahead and have an advantage point in things if you want to be ahead of that game. A new release on Morris Audio is due out while I'm in Australia.

What sounds and styles do you like to play out live-
Sexy, dubby and deep sounds with big breakdowns, cool grooves with surprises, the most provocative vocals, music for the feet and the mind.

WHO: Ekkohaus
WHAT: Play The Burdekin Hotel
WHEN: Saturday 9 August