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Fast Crew - The Fast And The Furious

Author: 3D
Monday, 28 July 2008
It's been a busy ol' time for the Fast Crew since they Set The Record Straight, as they prepare to follow-up their debut by unravelling Truth, Lies And Red Tape. 3D found out more from the NZ collective's MC Dane Rumble.

So what have been the big things happening in Fast Crew land since Set The Record Straight came out a few years back-
Since the release of Set The Rec, a lot of things have happened... we embarked on numerous tours around Oz and NZ, played in front of thousands, nearly got sued for millions, changed record contracts, wrote and recorded a new album, lost a member of the band... It's been the biggest rollercoaster ride, to say the least.
The new single What Happened To Yesterday talks about days drifting by in a haze of weed smoke, could a penchant for the green explain the wait between records-
Ha, ha! I wish that was the reason! The wait between records has definitely not been a choice of the crews. After being swallowed by the music industry machine- we've had to fight for our independence. Had to work really hard to get our new music out there, on our own terms.

The new album's called Truth, Lies and Red Tape, a reference to label troubles or something similar, perhaps-
The album name represents the process we've had to undergo to get this record out there, I'm not the sort of dude who lays blame or point fingers, but we do want our fans to realise where we're coming from.

Is there any track on the album you're particularly excited to get out there on radio and played live-
There's a track called Highs And Lows, which will be our next single, it's a wicked upbeat track that is killa to perform, and also sums up the album quite nicely.
How do you guys approach the song writing- Is it a collaborative process, or does DJ Alias make the beats while everyone else writes their individual verses-
Jerome Fortune has produced most of the tracks on Truth, Lies And Red Tape. And it's definitely his best work to date. Normally he passes beats onto me and I will write a hook and a verse to form the structure. Sometimes I might write the initial song on guitar, and he'll build the beat around that. From then on we collaborate to finalise the track.
You formed in 1999, what was the connection that brought you together- Were you schoolmates-
Fast Crew originally had about 15 members, we were all mates from a couple of different schools, and formed through a love for the hip hop culture. We went through the motions- graffiti... breakdancing... and then we started freestyling at parties, and hijacking the mic at school balls. After the first time we recorded raps on a tape player in Jeremy's garage, we were hooked... that was 10 years ago. It's crazy.
Finally, what are your plans for this album- Chart topping singles or international tours-
Both I hope! I'm just glad to get it out there; I know a lot of fans have been waiting patiently... And now the wait is over.
WHO: Fast Crew
WHAT: Truth Lies And Red Tape through Akrite Records
WHEN: Monday 25 August