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Future Cop! - Back To The Future

Author: Daniel Crichton-Rouse
Tuesday, 10 June 2008
3D’s Daniel Crichton-Rouse hits pause during Some Kind Of Wonderful for a chat with Peter Carrol from the synth-driven nostalgia duo Futurecop!

Manzur Iqbal started Futurecop! in Manchester, before you joined the team in London. How did you meet, and at what point did you decided to do this project together-
We met at uni about eight years ago. Manzur played bass in a punk band for a while until he realised it was not the direction he wanted to take. He started to make electronic music on his own about two years ago, I can remember he became addicted to his Mac and MIDI keyboard and would never come out! He was obsessed with making synthy, occasionally cheesy, ’80s soundtrack sounds, even though it was going against the grain at the time as everyone else was making noise music. But he was just doing it for himself, to satisfy his appetite for nostalgia and to have fun. As he got more interested he got me involved, we were always into the same styles and these things are more enjoyable with your mates! I started concentrating on the live element while he did the production so it’s worked out pretty well (Manzur was never really into playing electronic music live, he grew up with live punk and metal bands – he’s getting used to it though).

We recently spoke with your peer, Russ Chimes, about your sound and how it’s a sound (and scene) that’s blown up in France, particularly surrounding the blog Valerie and associated club nights. It certainly sounds like it’s a great way to travel to France! What’s your take on the UK’s scene you and your peers are in-
The Valerie synthes scene in the UK is still in its infancy really, it’s only us and Russ who are pushing it at the moment, while in France it’s become a big deal. But there is a great record label in the UK called Bright Lights Big City, who set up club nights around London and sometimes Manchester; they are very serious about the sound so I think it can only grow. And it’s always a pleasure to do parties with Russ; we are massive fans of his.

Do you think your music is borne out of a certain level of nostalgia-
Our music is all about nostalgia; we wanted to recreate the soundtrack of people’s childhoods. We both love all the ’80s stuff; the cartoons, the fashions, the films…

What equipment do you use-
A laptop and a MIDI keyboard for the production, and when we DJ we alternate between Ableton and CDJs.

Judging by images we’ve seen on the internet, you seem to be accompanied by backing visuals. Is this a strict complement to your music, or is it more simply incidental imagery- Or have we completely misinterpreted the pictures-
No, you are spot on! The music and the visuals we use go hand in hand, it’s as important as the music. We really hope the visual element to our show adds a lot to the performance. The production is inspired by the nostalgic imagery people associate with us; come along to the shows if you want to find out more!

There are a few of your tracks doing the rounds online – any plans for an EP or even an LP-
We have big plans for an EP release – it should be available later in the UK summer. Keep an eye on Bright Lights Big City, Valerie and the other blogs on the scene for some previews very soon!

You’re obviously fans of ’80s soundtracks, what composers/musicians are particular favourites of yours-
Manzur is obsessed with Stan Bush. He also likes Kenny Loggins, Cyndi Lauper, Huey Lewis and the News. We both love ’80s Madonna and any soundtracks with Corey Haim, Corey Fieldman, Molly Ringwald or the Brat Pack starring in the films.

Finally, you’ve a pretty loyal following here in Australia, what do you have to say to them ahead of your headlining shows this week-
Thank you for the support, it’s nice to know that we are not the only people into ’80s nostalgia – without you guys we are nothing! And get yourselves ready for some serious partying…!

WHO: Futurecop!
WHAT: Play Trashbags at Yu
WHEN: Saturday 14 June