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Goth-Trad - Gothic Beats

Author: 3D
Wednesday, 4 June 2008
3D gets to know Japanese dubstep heavyweight Goth-Trad, in sydney this week to play void.

What's the story behind your name- Are you a big Cure fan-
'Goth-Trad' means Gothic tradition. Gothic was not related to music and fashion; it came from pure gothic culture of the Middle Ages, which I consider sensational, so I chose this word.

You're played alongside many different acts from various different genres, such as The Mars Volta, Craze, The Bug, Boom Bip, Skream and Doc Scott- which shows do you love the most-
Yes, I have played and produced many different styles of music previously, from hip hop, jungle and techno to industrial and noise, and I feel each artist's show across different genres. If I had to choose one show, my favourite would be the Dalekshow. Dalek is a US hip hop producer; I toured with him four years ago in Japan. The show was deep-

Can you tell us about your live show and productions- What do you use-
Currently I am using Ableton Live on PC for producing. For my live set, I use Ableton on PC, a mixing desk and some outboard effects. I had some pedals and other stuff when I was playing experimental/noise music. Sometimes, I record the samples for various beats I'm working on.

You currently hold a dubstep night in Tokyo club, Unit. How's the dubstep scene in Japan-
The scene is getting bigger in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka; there is a good night called Drum N Bass Sessions in Tokyo, which has been inviting dubstep DJs from the UK every month since early 2007. I often play there. I'm currently doing the first dubstep night in Japan, Back To Chill, which I started in 2006 - the name came from a tune I wrote. I'm always looking for good Japanese DJ/producers. There are not so many producers here, but I'm trying to champion Japanese DJs. And it's getting bigger; I hope the scene will grow with local people.

How did you become involved in dubstep-
When I started to produce beats 10 years ago, I often made dubby half-step beats with heavy bass - the BPM was 150-180. I had already put some of them on my first album and my other release, Rebel Familia's first album (both in 2003). I found the sound of grime in 2004 and start to make instrumental grime beats, but I didn't know the word 'dubstep' at the time. I released my third album, Mad Raver's Dancefloor, in 2005, which included the tune Back to Chill. When I began my MySpace profile, some UK dubstep DJs wanted Back to Chill and, as a result, the tune was released on the UK label Skud in 2007.

WHO: Goth-Trad
WHAT: Plays Void at Phoenix Bar
WHEN: Friday 6 June