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Hook N Sling - You're The Best!

Author: Carlisle Rogers
Monday, 21 July 2008
3D's Carlisle Rogers chats to Anthony Maniscalco, aka Hook N Sling, launching his new single The Best Thing next month.

Beginning the year in style mixing Ministry of Sound's Clubber's Guide to 2008, Hook N Sling has released his debut EP The Plastic Wrap, remixed a slew of singles and is about to drop his latest single, The Best Thing, with remixes from TV Rock, Tonite Only and Noel Sinner.

Peaking at number one on the ARIA club chart, the new single was hot enough to lure Tonite Only out of retirement just for a remix. 'To be honest,' he says, 'this record isn't really an electro record or a genre record. It seems to be appealing to a lot of different DJs who play a lot of different styles from tech-house to main room house guys.

'The record came about last December, I was going through my record collection and I came across a Boom Crash Opera 'best of' and I put the CD on. I was talking to some of my mates about a couple of records off it and in the back of my mind, I was thinking about what track off this record would be good to do a bootleg. I pulled out The Best Thing after we all listened to it and obviously it wasn't something I thought of straightaway, but I put the track together and sent it off to the label. I just toyed with the idea of covering it and doing something new with it, but it wasn't originally intended to be a house record. It turned out to be a good idea because the band was into the idea of doing a cover and we got Dale Ryder from Boom Crash Opera to re-sing the vocals.'

Anthony says it was great getting Ryder to do the vocals again, as he has an incredible range. 'It's really a difficult vocal for a guy to sing,' he admits. 'It's in a high C, which is quite a hard note to hit. Dale has an amazing vocal range. We thought either we would hunt high and low for someone else who has just as good a vocal range, or we speak to Dale. We ran the idea across him and he was more than happy. It's been number one on the club charts for four weeks.

'I'm taking things single by single right now. I released an EP at the start of the year, which was a bit more leftfield, not dancefloor stuff, more exploring different sounds and something I wanted to get out of my system based on other influences. But at the moment I'm enjoying DJing after spending a good last few months working on the new single. I finished a whole lot of remixes which are due to come out. Apart from DJing, I'm still focused on writing single by single and working on the remixes.'

WHO: Hook N Sling
WHAT: The Big Thing through Hussle/Universal / Plays The Civic Hotel
WHEN: Out now / Saturday 2 August