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In Flagranti - Harder Better Faster Wronger

Author: 3D
Monday, 14 July 2008
3D talks to Sasha Crnobrnja of In Flagranti ahead of his solo Australian tour.

You guys love your old school porn, if your album art and videos are anything to go by. It's certainly not what you expect to find on the shelves of your average record store! Are you trying to push the censors here-
We just do what we like. I personally love Alex [Gloor]'s designs. I think it's funny how most people still react to naked skin (I would not call the artwork porn, since there is no penetration and you don't see any genital parts). There is so much violence in all the news, various magazines and even album covers - people don't seam to bother. I would rather look at naked women than guns.

How important is the visual element of your releases to you-
I still pick music by its sleeve. It's the first thing you see before you hear the music. So I think it's very important that the music has its proper cover. It's also a matter of style and aesthetics, you want to emphasise a certain feeling.

Most of the tracks on your debut LP, Wronger Than Anyone Else, have been previously released, so over what sort of period of time has this album been in the works-
I think the first In Flagranti 12 Inch came out around 2001/2002, don't remember exactly. It took a few years until we had enough music to fill up a whole album.

How important was the move to New York in shaping your sound- Has the city itself been an influence-
Well, Alex has been living in New York since 1984 and I have been here since 1992 so I guess any place that you spend a long time will leave some mark on you and how you do things. But my personal influence began much earlier in my teens. There was disco and all the cool rock/punk bands in the '70s and then more cool stuff in the early '80s. I was playing guitar and drums in bands and started DJing when I was 17 in 1983. There was this cosmic music played in Italy at the time that really shaped the way I hear and like to hear music. The DJs were mixing all kinds of different styles in a seamlessly trippy mix. Both Alex and I are still going back to old mixtapes for inspiration. It never lost its power.
There are a lot of young people now that are rediscovering those sounds.

From where do you draw your musical and design influences-
Anything can be inspirational, but I would say flea markets and thrift shops, where you can find things very cheap and then go home and recycle everything.
Records/magazines/books/tapes/video-. There is so much out there, you just need to pick it up.

How would you best sum up the sound of In Flagranti-
In true In Flagranti form, it is an irreverent balance of sex, dirt, distortion, dance, beauty and tongue-in-cheek humour - all wrapped up in a gritty, '70s aesthetics.

Are you excited about your Australian trip- Is this your first time down here- What can we expect from you-
I am totally looking forward to the trip, I've been in Melbourne and Sydney before and had a very good time. I am glad to also visit other parts of Australia this time around.

WHO: In Flagranti
WHAT: Play Disco Not Disco at Phoenix Bar / Click Click at Oxford Art Factory
WHEN: Sunday 20 July / Friday 25