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Infusion - Vodka Infusion

Author: Huwston
Monday, 30 June 2008
Infusion have been quiet of late but are set to once again dominate the Australian dance scene. Yeah, you know, the same one that produces number one records these days. 3D's Huwston catches up with Manny.

What have you guys been up to since the last album-
Basically we have been touring our little arses off. We spent some time living in the UK and playing a hell of a lot of summer festivals there and around Europe and the States, as well as drinking a lot with our mates Evil 9 on Brighton Beach in between shows. After that, there were a few months while our livers recovered and sanity returned. We then started on ideas for our next album, which we are excited to say is almost done with a release on its way soon. So keep an ear out for that.

The Smirnoff Experience must be a great platform to launch your new material off, what do you hope audiences will get out of the music-

They'll get a whole bunch of new tunes we hope they will get stuck into, as well as some updated older hits. It will be the return of the full Infusion band experience, with the addition of our extremely talented mates Pip Branson and Tarek Smallman on guitar and drums respectively. So basically a whole, rockin' new show designed to overwhelm the senses.

I understand there is a large amount of production involved in the visuals- Take us through that.
Yes, there will be a brand spanking new visual show designed by John and Julian of Pod Films. They are two lovely chaps who prior to working with us have worked for the seminal UK graphics company Tomato, who are responsible for handcrafting the amazing visual shows for one of our personal favourite bands, Underworld. The guys seemed to like what we were doing and decided to collaborate with us to create an amazing show that would complement and bring a further dimension to the songs.

Any dancing vegetables on stage-
I am happy to announce there will be no dancing vegetables on stage. Only sentient life forms are allowed to participate.

Infusion have always been a few steps ahead of the game so far as being don-dadas of the Australian dance scene, so has some of the dumbing-down of popular club styles affected you guys-
Yeah it does seem that much club music these days has morphed into pop music, and as a result has become a little silly at times, especially lyrically. This was bound to happen though, and I have nothing against good pop music, as long as it's written by, and for people with IQs somewhere around the three-digit mark. We try to avoid writing 'Baby, baby, take me higher' bollocks as much as possible.

WHO: Infusion
WHAT: Play Smirnoff Experience secret party, Sydney
WHEN: Thursday 10 July