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Jesse Garcia - Spanish Flavour

Author: 3D
Thursday, 14 August 2008

Jesse Garcia is steadily building his reputation as an electro house producer and DJ, after collaborating with the likes of Roger Sanchez and Fedde le Grand. He chats with Cyclone just before he touches down in Australia.

The name 'Jesse Garcia' is everywhere. And, no, we're not googling all the other Jesse Garcias, such as the actor or the baseball player, but the Spanish DJ.

Garcia, based in seaside Tarragona, not far from Barcelona, may not speak English, instead relying on translators (and, with this e-mail interview, one strongly suspects, Babel Fish!), but that hasn't stopped him soliciting remix commissions.

The electro-houser, who, like Roger Sanchez, favours tribal rhythms, is no newcomer in his homeland, being active since the '80s. "I started as a DJ when I was 14 in a little club in my city and, then in 1987, the music that we heard everywhere was house music," he relates. "House music and hip hop are the styles that have influenced me most in my DJ career. During those years I took part in several DJ contests, including the DMC - that's something that continues to influence me because I always scratch in my sets."

Many an international DJ has moved to Spain (if not Berlin), though they risk exclusion from what is happening in the UK. Despite his surging profile, Garcia is clearly not about to leave himself. If the Spaniard is resentful of foreign DJs invading his scene, then he doesn't let on. "In my particular case, I don't feel frustrated about that fact because I usually work abroad. I hardly ever work in Spain."

Garcia has fresh music on the way. "I've finished a new remix for Roger Sanchez's project with the great singer India [best known for her collaborations with Masters At Work] that will be released in September through the label Stealth Records. Now I'm starting a remix for the American label In Stereo [owned by DJ Dan] and finishing my own production for Stealth."

Of the producers he admires, Garcia is most enthusiastic about Sanchez. "I have a big respect for Roger for his great work during all those years, Laidback Luke for his electro - he's so cool and current - and Funkagenda for his great last remixes."

Garcia doesn't listen to electronic music constantly. "When I'm not working, I relax by listening to classical music. I'm listening to the works of artists like Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ennio Morricone and Michael Nyman. I also like jazz music and soul."
Occasionally he'll take a break from music all together, playing tennis or flicking through comic books.

Had he not succeeded in music, Garcia rather fancies that he might have illustrated comics. "In fact, before doing music, I was studying in an art school," he reveals.

Garcia travelled to Australia in 2007 to DJ on the festival circuit, where he was perhaps eclipsed. He's anticipating his return. "I came to Australia last year for a festival, but this will be the first time that I'll work in clubs. I really want to know how Australian people feel about my music in the clubs."

Here in Oz, Jesse even indulged in a new hobby. "I very much like to practise surfing."

WHO: Jesse Garcia
WHAT: Plays onelove at Tank
WHEN: Saturday 16 August