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John Fleming - Spun, Not Stirred

Author: Rezo
Monday, 30 June 2008
We imagine, dear 3D World readers, that John '00' Fleming doesn't need an introduction. Having spun with the best of them and dropped his fair share of tunes, Fleming's is a name synonymous with dance music this millennium. 3D's Rezo caught up with the English DJ.

'There is no music in my family,' says John Fleming. 'My mother is in the medical industry and my father is an engineer. I was actually mad and crazy on cars and I wanted to be a designer when I was young. I used to go to the newsagent in my village to get car magazines but they didn't have enough of them for a young kid. So I used to get on my bike and ride to the next town. The next town actually had a newsagent that sold music as well and there's where the connection came from. I started collecting music by buying it at the newsagent. When I get into doing something, I get into it completely. It just doesn't stop for me.'

Years and years on, he isn't shying away from where he has come from.

'At school, all these fashionable kids were wearing these fancy clothes, carrying these fancy bags,' he says. 'And here was me, little Johnny, carrying records. Then out of the blue, the headmaster asked me to do a gig at school! From that day I'd found myself doing music. In the early days when trance was dormant, the happy hardcore thing was massive. Then the DJs used to play what they called techno - it was like a breakbeat and I got attracted to it and liked it. This for me was the early days of it; then I discovered a crew called Astral Projection in 1991 and I really got into Goa trance. By the mid 1990s Goa fell somewhat in popularity but I still appreciated the mental bass lines and really I lost my heart in what people call trance today. It's about the music and putting your hands in the air.'

Today, Fleming is as busy as he's ever has been. His travel schedule is so gruelling that he will be in Australia twice in 2008. 'I'm as active as ever,' he says. 'Studio-wise, I've been working away. I did the Psy Trance Euphoria mix, which wasn't sold in Australia, but it will make it over there eventually. The first two CDs were kind of the compilation and the third was like an artist album tacked onto it. It did really well and made it into the charts, which is amazing for this style of music.'

WHO: John '00' Fleming
WHAT: Plays Sublime at Home
WHEN: Friday 4 June