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Jumbledat - Turn It Upside Down

Author: 3D
Monday, 14 July 2008
3D takes a seat with Perrin Moss, MC of the Jumbledat collective, and gets spun right round, baby, right round.

Jumbledat has been through many incarnations and members; what's the current line-up-
Perrin Moss (MC/percussion), Matthew Kirkis (MC/percussion), Luke Saunders (keys) Marc Brown (trombone), Jess A'hern (drums), Taylor Crawford (bass), Kevin Kerr (trumpet), Eugene Baker (saxophone), Joseph Heks (guitar), Bobby Damelian (bongos/percussion).

I see you've got an album out currently on CD Baby, have you been working on recording anything further recently-
Yes, we've never really stopped writing and we're in the pre-production stage for the next album.

How do you guys write, is it through jam sessions or do you have one or two main song writers-
Kirkis and myself are the main lyric writers but the whole band puts the songs together usually in rehearsals and through jam sessions. It's a great dynamic.

You'll be heading off for some Melbourne dates soon - is it difficult to organise and justify tours like that with so many members in the band-
It's always going to be hard with 10 members in a band. We have just signed up with the premier/harbour agency, which makes the booking of our shows easier. As for justifying tours- writing music, performing and touring justifies every thing when you love what you're doing.

You've got a stack of gigs coming up in Sydney, what's fresh in your live show these days-
The band is on a big high at the moment. We've got new songs and a great vibe when we play. Every show is completely different and we really get into it.

Finally, what other big things are happening for Jumbledat this year-
The new video for our first release Momentus is now completed, some airplay in the USA is a big vibe and there's possibly a tour into Japan. But the big thing is we are going to be on the road touring our show and music to new audiences.

WHO: Jumbledat
WHAT: Self-titled EP available through / playing The MAC / The Sandringham / Candy's Apartment / Park Hotel, Bathhurst / Triselies, Katoomba
WHEN: Out now / Wednesday 23 July / Thursday 24 July / Saturday 26 July / Sunday 27 July