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Koshowko - Anarchy In The KO

Author: Carlisle Rogers
Monday, 23 June 2008
3D’s Carlisle Rogers speaks with Polish born, Melbourne-based Martin K of the dubby electronica Koshowko.

Martin K is the dude behind Koshowko, a musical project that dabbles in dub-tinted electro-edged electronica. The debut EP Anarchy Monarchy features six vocalists over five songs, a feat in itself.

“We spent several months in 2007 finalising those songs,” Martin, who calls himself a philosopher turned producer, says. “The songs are much older than the EP, they were developed for that particular release. It is easy to say we spent five months of 2007 just working on those four or five tracks.

“The range of vocalists make Koshowko an international collective for collaboration. All of those vocalists were people I met in Melbourne, but many of them are from a variety of places around the planet. Some people we are still collaborating with, whereas some were just session vocalists for the release. I found them through several different projects I was involved with and even just going out and seeing people live.”

Martin says this EP was never intended to be a dancefloor-only project at all. “It was never meant to be just music people can dance to; we wanted to make music that people can definitely move to, but something to listen to at home as well,” he says. “There was a desire to create something that would survive longer than just a night at the club. We wanted to make something that would connect with people more than a nice drumbeat or groove. We wanted to create something to make a bigger impact and stay with people for a bit longer.”

With a little help in the studio, Martin says that he was essentially the driving force behind Koshowko. “I had a friend who used to talk about music a lot, named Brian Morris, and he had his own projects and I never really collaborated with him. I gave him one of our old songs, which was really slow and down tempo. That song was called It’s Time Now and he turned it into something more dancefloor-oriented than I thought possible. It was definitely a surprise and he was the main producer for that song. I did a few remixes for several people and one of them was for B(if)tek, an electronica duo from Australia. Nicole Skeltys from B(if)tek was happy to return the favour and did a remix of The Story on the EP in return. Nicole uses a log of analogue and outboards and has a very nice collection. You can hear the analogue gear on that remix and she’s very experienced and been around for quite a while. She did the remix in two nights and I was so surprised that she could do that so quickly. For me a remix takes a week at least. She definitely knew what she wanted.”

Martin says that despite the fact that technology is moving along in leaps and bounds, he finds himself more and more drawn to the old analogue gear. “That’s how I initially started, with just a laptop, but it’s ironic because the more powerful computers become, the stronger my desire for hardware and outboard gear,” he says. “I started out using primarily using software Domain, but recently I have moved towards hardware. I think in my case, it’s a mixture of both. Some parts are produced using software synths and some parts are outboard gear hooked up to a multi-track recorder. It varies, but I think right now is a great time to grab a hardware synth because they are really cheap and many of them are imitations of great synths from the ’80s. I’m really keen on all that stuff, vintage, but modern.”

WHO: Koshowko
WHAT: Anarchy Monarchy through Las Machinas
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