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Le Castle Vania - King Of Le Castle

Author: Carlisle Rogers
Monday, 16 June 2008
US electro DJ Le Castle Vania loves you but he's chosen disco. Well, so he says on his MySpace profile, stealing and bastardising the name of the Austin indie band. Which is much like his approach to music, really. 3D's Carlisle Rogers has a chat.

Le Castle Vania is DJ Dylan (Dylan Eiland) fucking up some disco beats so hard he makes electro look like Nintendo music. He's from Atlanta and he's coming to Australia this month with his blend of disco punk and left-handed electro, much of it produced in his own studio.

Dylan says he has been DJing for nine years, first playing when he was 16. 'When I come to Australia I'll be playing all kinds of things. I'm into a lot of Boys Noize stuff, newer artists like Grum, there's a new group called Just a Band that I'm really into. My style is kind of dirtier electro stuff with a fusion vibe to it. I'm all about changing up what I play. A good majority of the stuff I play is what I've written or remixed. I'll also edit other people's songs to tweak them so they fit into my sound,' he says.

'This will be my first trip there. I've heard really good things about the parties over there and that there is a really strong scene for this type of music. I'm really excited to get over there, it's always exciting to play in new cities, so a whole new county is an entirely new level of excitement.'

Working on a new EP of original tracks, Dylan says he also has a few more remixes on the way.  Fans probably already know of his reworking of Snowden's Black Eye or his absolutely retro remix of Grum's Go Back. 'I have remixes forthcoming from Walter Meego, a band on Atlantic called The Virgins and Felix Cartell. When I first start writing a song, the majority of it is done on the laptop, in terms of sketching things out and building song ideas. Then when I come home, I have a studio with more outboard gear and I go in and put the tweaks on the songs and add some sounds to give it a variety. I've been spending a lot of time on the actual song quality and the backend of recording, like mixing everything down and making sure that everything sounds really nice on a good club system.

'I think this genre of music has so many artists coming out right now and a lot of them are younger people who are newer to production. They will have a lot of really cool ideas for songs, but I think a lot of them are lacking the backend quality. I'll get a lot of songs from artists that will have really cool sounding leads and melodies, but they are mixed so poorly that when you play it in a set with other songs that are mixed really well, they don't go over because they don't have that same energy, that same quality of sound.'

Coming from Atlanta, Dylan says he is eager to dispel the myth that only crunk, southern rap and peaches come out of Georgia's capital. 'Atlanta is known for being a dirty south crunk-rap because so much of that stuff comes out of here, but there's actually a lot more going on in the Atlanta scene. There are a lot of indie bands coming out and other music that appeals to me. This kind of city has gotten such a big name for one thing, so it gives me a drive to do something else and show people there are other things going on here.'

WHO: Le Castle Vania
WHAT: Plays Click Click at Oxford Art Factory
WHEN: Friday 20 June