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Luca Bachhetti - Tuscan Techno

Author: Cyclone
Monday, 30 June 2008
Luca Bacchetti talks to 3D's Cyclone ahead of his Australian tour.

Florence is a city historically associated with great visual artists, not techno DJ/producers. But, in his way, Luca Bacchetti, based in nearby Lucca, Puccini's birthplace, is an artisan. And he's emerging as an interesting figure in the techno (or should that be minimal-) renaissance. Tuscan techno - why not-

Before establishing himself in clubs, Bacchetti DJed on radio. He's been producing seriously since the start of the 2000s and is aligned with Alex Neri's Italian imprint, Tenax - Neri being a sometime member of Planet Funk. However, following his well-received EPs, Bacchetti will release an 'artist' album on Canadian Mathew Jonson's Wagon Repair. And the Italian is bound for Australia on his first tour.

You cite drum n bass as an influence. Did you ever play - or even produce - that style-
Actually, I never produced any drum n bass tracks, but I played it from 1995 'til 2000, with many trips and DJ sets around Bristol and London. I was a great fan of Roni Size and Goldie. [I had] a lot of experiences in the UK - it was amazing.

How are your tastes evolving as a DJ/producer-
I am now becoming more housy or techno, depending on the venues and vibes from the dancefloor, but I think the future is a melt of these two styles. Recently I introduced some more organic elements into my productions. It's like a process, a circle.

Your music is described as 'dark'. Where does that come from - and is that an aspect of your personality you recognise in yourself-
Music is a thermometer of society. I think all artists reflect their moods in music. I try to be positive, but we're living in a crazy world - where are we running-

What can you tell us about your first 'artist' album-
I think it's definitely going to be out on Wagon Repair. It's a great label which is supporting me a lot - a great family. Wagon Repair has an eclectic attitude that reflects my relationship with music - [there are] no walls. I'm always searching for new horizons.

Are you working on any other music at the moment-
I am now working on a remix for Danny Tenaglia. I can't tell you more for the moment - it's all going to be a surprise.

Who are the DJs and producers you yourself admire-
There is not only one I really should mention as I respect and admire a lot... I'd say Alex Neri, Marco Carola and Davide Squillace. They have different backgrounds and sounds, but they represent Italy 100 per cent.

You are identified with very underground music, but do you secretly like any pop music today-
For sure I do! Lately, I really like Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Pharrell... I love Timbaland, too. These are great productions.

What can we expect on your upcoming Australian tour-
I'm so excited and hoping for a very crazy and outstanding crowd. I really can't wait to finally meet a kangaroo face-to-face. Maybe not face-to-face!

WHO: Luca Bacchetti
WHAT: Plays Lost Baggage at The Cross
WHEN: Saturday 5 July
MORE: Facebook 'Lost Baggage'