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Madox - In Napoli, Where DJs Meet

Author: 3D
Monday, 21 July 2008
Neapolitan DJ Madox, now based in London, has been playing breaks (amongst other things, he professes) since before the style became all the rage. 3D chatted with the Italian prior to his Laundry set.

You're from Napoli, but are based in London, is that right- Did you feel you needed to relocate to the UK to be properly involved in the breaks and electro scene-
Unluckily yes, I love my town and I come back as much as I can but it's not the right place to make music, We've got other problems in Italy to fix like unemployment - people are becoming poorer and poorer and the police corruption is affecting everyone's life quality. That said, London has always been a music capital so it was an obvious step for me to move in there.

What are you working on in the studio at the moment-
I like to consider myself as a producer. I don't like to produce just one style; in fact, I run different projects on different names. I make breaks/electro, tech-house and a world beat/electro project where I merge hip hop/drum n bass with world beat sounds - very fresh.

You've done collaborations with John Acquaviva, how did the two of you connect-
Just by chance. I did a bootleg of one of his tracks called Bling, so he was very happy about that and we managed to arrange a meeting in my Naples studio where we produced Feedback and Running From, featuring Tommie Sunshine. Looking forward to doing some more things with him in the near future.

Mantra Breaks, the label you're signed to, won Best Label at last year's Breakspoll Awards, a title no doubt assisted by your releases; what is it about the label and its sound or ethos that's pushing boundaries-
I think Mantra Breaks' sound (mainly Santos and I) has always pushed the so-called 'plod breaks' sound forward (it's a kind of housey breaks). Nowadays more or less every breaks producer is doing that style but I feel that we were among the first (with Meat Katie, Elite Force and Lee Coombs) to start that kind of things, so that's why Mantra was so popular.

This won't be you first trip out to Australia, what are you looking forward to most about this trip-
People's reactions. Last time I was there it was great, a lot of fun and full of nice people showing me love. I will take some time to visit some of the amazing places you have in your beautiful country.

Finally, your sound traverses many genres, including breaks, electro and Brasilian, what's the standout feature of your current club sets-
All my album tracks and some bootlegs I've done just for this tour.

WHO: Madox
WHAT: Plays Yum Cha at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Friday 25 July