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Micha Moor - Micha�s Mission

Author: 3D
Sunday, 15 June 2008

Germany's Micha Moor, a DJ intent on 'pumping house tunes forever', is about to be let loose at the Freedom Festival. 3D kept him temporarily under control to ask a few questions.

You played in several bands before discovering DJing, what kind of music where you into then- And do you still dabble with live instruments-
I was interested in many different music styles when I was younger and I still like most of these styles. As a drummer I had several bands, in which we covered songs from Metallica or played music from artists such as Simon & Garfunkel and the Eagles. Additionally, I do have a twelve-year orchestra experience, which is concerned with music from Mozart and diverse musical-medleys. As you can see, I am not just into that 128 bpm electronic stuff. During some years I did some live percussions in my set, but it is hard to carry all that stuff with me while being on those long journeys. However, if you have some congas down there...

What makes a track stand out for you when you're looking for additions to your sets or songs to remix-
A good track, well, that's hard to say, because sometimes it is the groove, sometimes the synth-hookline or the vocals and at best, everything together makes me going nuts. Thus, it's really not easy to find these special tracks out of the enormous numbers of releases everyday.

You've had a few singles do well around the world so far, are you working towards an artist album or just concentrating on putting out singles and remixes-
At the moment I´m just working on some new singles and remixes, which are going to be released soon. While travelling so much (which is currently the case) there is not enough time to concentrate on a whole album release. But I´m thinking of taking one or two month off at the beginning of next year to have some restful studio days to do an album... We'll see...

How did you connect with your studio partner Klaas- Do you each have particular specialities in the studio-
That's right, this was the reason why a good friend introduced him to me in December 2006. Every one of us had a uniqueness or own speciality in doing music. So we put that knowledge together and it worked out very well until now, everybody is doing his stuff on his own. But sometimes we still help each other because teamwork is the most effective work.

You're coming out to play Freedom Festival in Australia, will this be your first trip down under- Do you have anything touristy planned for this visit-
Yes, this is going to be my first trip down under. Until now I don't have any special touristy plans. Due to all the work I had no time to deal with the country Australia and its beautiful sites. Definitely, I plan to inform myself about these aspects before starting the trip. Having a lot of friends, who went or even lived down there, will help to getting to know the 'Aussies' and the country...

What are you packing for your set at Freedom Festival, any special tunes-
Definitely, I'll drop a lot of new and unreleased stuff from good friends and myself. The rest of the set depends on the crowd, meaning what people seem to like the most. I´m always spontaneous- I can't exactly tell what I am going to play... but definitely no hip hop ;-)

WHO: Micha Moor
WHAT: Freedom Festival at the Hordern Pavilion
WHEN: Saturday 23 August