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Micky D - Hey Micky, You�re So Fine

Author: 3D
Monday, 30 June 2008
Micky D Is part of the Masif Crew and has been championing hard dance sounds in Sydney for the past decade. Now he's set for the arena experience At Utopia. 3D had a chat.

You've recently been welcomed in as part of the Masif family, what does that mean for you-
It has been a great opportunity and I thank Steve Hill for giving me a chance to be part of something special. I look forward to what the future brings me and playing with some of the biggest 'masif' DJs around.

You've also started producing tunes for the Masif NRG label, how would you describe your production style-
My Masif NRG productions are collaborations with DJ Wilz and is a take on how we see the Sydney NRG scene today: it's bouncy, adaptable and floor filling. A must for all NRG DJs.

Have you had any professional tutoring or mentorship in writing music, or is it all self-taught-
Some of it's self-taught, but the brains behind most of the success is Wilz-he is talented from all four corners of the music scene and is a true rising star as a producer.

What's exciting you about the hard dance scene in Sydney at the moment, after more than a decade playing around the traps-
Being part of the Masif crew and label is definitely a bonus - it has opened the doors to playing bigger gigs with some of the biggest hard dance DJs in the scene. Also the fact that I have a true passion for hard dance music and will continue to play and support the scene that has given me so much as a DJ.

You're playing Utopia Homegrown, do you have anything special planned for the set-
Utopia is one of the pinnacle gigs of the hard dance scene calendar. I plan on playing the latest and most upfront music there is at the time - and be sure to get entertained, even if that means I need to stage dive!

Finally, what's on the agenda for the rest of your year-
Well, working in the studio on a few productions with the upcoming Masif NRG CD, soon to be released as well as keeping the floor busy at my regular gigs, including Impulse, Basscode, UN and Daydreams.

WHO: Micky D
WHAT: Plays Utopia Homegrown, Acer Arena
WHEN: Saturday 9 August