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Missill - Missill Attack

Author: Cyclone
Wednesday, 13 August 2008

French DJ/producer Missill is staking her claim on the European dance music scene with her new album Targets. 3D’s Cyclone had a chat.

The French electronic movement has always been a boys' club, by default, with Uffie, an American expat, the First Lady of Ed Banger - and, it ensues, electro-rock. Even the iconic Miss Kittin is associated more with Berlin where, until recently, she was based. Now DJ Missill, a self-touted "urban-punk", is staking her claim with an 'artist' album - Targets. Could she be the electronica Liberte-
Missill, a sometime graphic designer and graffiti artist, has a sound all her own - and that's an "eclectic" style.

Targets, an extension of her DJ sets, rollicks through rave, electro, rock, hip hop, breaks and reggae, while referencing surging regional genres like baile funk.
Missill began spinning hip hop, ragga and dancehall before discovering electronic music and integrating it into her mash-up methodology. (She's released a mix-CD under that very title - Mash Up.) On Targets, Missill parties with guests such as Dynamite MC from Roni Size's Reprazent crew as well as funk carioca hero Edu K.

It may seem like strategic ANR-ing yet Missill made her friends - or contacts - on the road or via MySpace. "It's definitely because I want to work with them, not because they are known," she maintains. "It's really because I love how they sing or how they rap."

Missill met Edu K at a French festival, then joined him to perform in, of all places, a women's prison in Brazil. That stands as her weirdest gig. The French DJ chatted to the prisoners, some of whom had been incarcerated for 30 years. The women ogled the male contingent. "They were very impressed," Missill remembers. "They were so happy to have some guys [come] - and to see a concert. We gave them one hour of escape. It was very cool." At any rate, Missill is buoyed by the response to Targets. Missill has crafted the kind of tracks she searches for as a DJ. "I wanted to do some tracks to play them - 'cause I'm a DJ first," she says.

Recording Targets was enlightening, too, Missill, previously adept at re-edits, liaising with a sound engineer, musicians and vocalists on a whole new scale. "It was a good experience for me, because DJing is very personal and for once I could work with people and share and make music with other artists - and this is very encouraging and fresh for me."

Most surprising is the aggressiveness of Missill's music. The DJ admits that, rather than feeling angry, she has "a lot of energy," describing herself as "overactive".

Missill is already prototyping a live show (she's posted footage of her premiere on MySpace).

The DJ is clued-up about pop culture. She conceived the quirky artwork for Targets, creating Manga-style cartoons of those appearing on her LP. Missill has no intention of totally abandoning the visual arts, in the past revealing a desire to design trainers.

Missill has toured Australia as a 'breaks DJ'. She's aiming to return to plug Targets. "I really can't wait to come back," she extols. "I think I will come back at the end of the year - I hope so."

WHO: Missill
WHAT: Targets out through Shock
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