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Nightmares On Wax - Bad Dreams, Good Tunes

Author: Fat Tony
Wednesday, 4 June 2008
3D's Fat Tony talks to Ibiza-by-way-of-Leeds trip hop electronic act, Nightmares On Wax about their new LP.

It's good to know that someone with as good an ear for blissed-out beats as George Evelyn from Nightmares On Wax is responsible for putting out more of the same. Evelyn, or DJ E.A.S.E as he's also known, has been slowly building his label Wax On Records for the past five years. Evelyn has taken his time with the process, watching to see what new distribution patterns digital music finds its way into and therefore ensuring the label a future.

Wax On are responsible for releasing a small catalogue of 12 Inches and 10 Inches up to this point, but things are starting to move faster. The first label comp, Wax On, has just been released, and it's a global downbeat smorgasbord that includes artists like Hungarian jazz heads Gelka, French hip hopper Guts, as well as UK deep beatsmith Negghead.

'It's a portfolio really of what's to come,' Evelyn says. 'Just to send the message out that Wax On is about to deliver what we believe is timeless, quality music; album projects as well as amazing artists collaborating under this umbrella of what we think is quality music.'

There are five or six artist albums under development at the moment. Gelka's will be the next one to drop on 8 August this year. 'It's got such a fusion of sounds,' Evelyn says. 'The guys are from Hungary; they've got a very Eastern sound, I think, anyway. Budapest is a very interesting place; they're influenced by the Eastern side of Turkey and there's also Russian influence, so there's a real mixture. Of course, Hungary's known for its jazz bands as well so there's that element to it.'

Evelyn tends to pick up artists for the label on his tours. People are always popping demos into his hands. The process gives the label its interesting global roster. 'I can't say that I've looked for anybody,' he says. 'When I initially started out with the label I did sort of run out and search for people, but then I realised that's not the way to do it. I really believe in the natural attraction that happens between people, so I like sitting back and seeing what arrives; I just let things progress organically.'

There is a new Nightmares On Wax record due out this August as well. So will be the follow up to 2006's In a Space Outta Sound, although it will come out on Warp Records, not Evelyn's own imprint. The album was recorded in a campervan en route to Ibiza.

'I came up with the idea of setting all my studio up on a campervan and travelling through England, up the French Pyrenees, down the Spanish Pyrenees, through the Sierra Nevada and all the way to Ibiza writing and recording the new album,' he says.

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