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Noisia � Boys Noisia

Author: Rezo
Tuesday, 10 June 2008
Nik Roos, Martijn van Sonderen and Thijs de Vlieger, aka Noisia, are the Dutch trio whose sole purpose in life was to deliver a solid rinsing: they wanted to bring you the toughest, baddest beats this side of the Netherlands. Words by 3D's Rezo.

'We were really into the nasty yet funky, angry yet rolling, fast beats and basslines,' Noisia say. 'It was a challenge technically as well as creatively. We did some house and trance back in the day, but it just didn't appeal to us the way drum n bass did. Nowadays, we're getting back to all sorts of other styles. It's just really nice to do as many different things as possible.'

Over the years drum n bass has evolved and moved through a myriad of phases. Some, hating on it, have moved onto something else. Others waited for the resurgence and have recently gotten an exalted second wind.

'Sure it's better now. Two years ago, we felt that drum n bass was going in the wrong direction,' Noisia say. 'A lot of people wanted to get harder and copied other people- I don't know but it felt wrong. For some reason now, there is a crossbreed with a new feel to it and that really attracts us. The good thing is that nowadays people are copying us! In all, we think drum n bass is moving forward; there are some cool things out there and experimental styles which were definitely not around even a year or two ago.'

To that end, they dropped their aliases and went back to having the one name. 'Yeah, we decided that we wanted to push just one name; and while we didn't want to limit Noisia to just drum n bass, we didn't want people to get confused,' Noisia say.

But Noisia's not the only project on their lips at the moment. 'We've been thinking about making some cheesy trance and getting rich and we want an alias again,' Noisia say. 'The problem is you can be versatile but the Noisia name is so close to our personalities we get nervous when we feel we're not being true to it. If you step over the line, you have to end up being whatever you want to be. And somehow we want to be a phantom band again, a mysterious group who delivers this music that people notice but don't know who it's by!'

Production wise, the boys have been spending plenty of time in the studio. 'We have been quite busy doing a lot of remixes,' Noisia say. 'But we can't really talk about them. They're drum n bass and they're cool! We've been working hard and there are a number of new tracks coming up, some a cross between hip hop and dance music and dubstep. We've got Vision 6 done, Vision 7 almost done and Vision 8 is now on the go. We've also discovered some new artists including one we saw in Perth who was completely mad!'

WHO: Noisia
WHAT: Fabriclive40: Noisia through Fabric/Inertia
WHEN: Out Monday 16 June