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Oliver Koletzki - Berlin Chameleon

Author: Rezo
Monday, September 15, 2008

3D’s Rezo chats with Berlin techno/house producer Oliver Koletzki.

Oliver Koletzki has been DJing for 18 years and producing for 13.

“I was into lots of different directions of music, like hip hop and two-step and big beat and then about eight years ago came into house and techno,” he says. “I made music on my own and in the room where I am sleeping. I never thought about the money aspect, I just dreamt about it and I never seriously tried to do it. It was just that three years ago Sven Väth heard a track of mine – which I didn’t even send it to him – and he asked me to release it on his label Cocoon and it was huge. That was in 2005.”

Since then Koletzki has setup the Stil Vor Talent label as a means of providing a boost to young and upcoming artists.

“I didn’t want to be committed to another label so Stil Vor Talent is a lot of different things,” he says. “For example, you don’t have to be perfect; it’s a do it yourself kind of attitude and I tried to bring some newcomers in and some young producers. A lot of them have done really well and we’ve been very happy with the way things are going. Next month we are three years old and we are doing a compilation triple vinyl and double CD pack to commemorate the occasion.”

Production-wise, Oliver is working on a new album which he hopes to release around September 2009. It will be a vocal album featuring bands and singers from Germany and broader Europe.

“This time it will be more of a pop music album with techno and house influences – it will be like a modern music scenario,” he says.

Indeed, pinning him down to a style is difficult because he still appreciates house and techno – but also a bit of a melody. So does than make him trance as well-

“It is true, in my style today you can find all of these sounds,” he says. “I like to use real instruments and guitars and therefore my tracks can sound like they come from the past. In the last two years I was also into minimal because it got really big and I was into this style. Right now though, I’m more into house because it’s summer and warm. Yet I’m not the kind of guy to stick to one style; I like musical freedom and I get excited about the idea of trying different things.”

WHO: Oliver Koletzki
WHAT: Plays Club Club at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Saturday 20 September