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Oz Locos - Going Locos

Author: 3D
Thursday, 14 August 2008
One half of Oz Locos, Seba, talks 3D through the duo’s Latin-flavoured hip hop, staying true to their heritage, and what their debut LP holds in store.

How did the two of you hook up and start making hip hop-
We met back in 2002 through mutual friends but didn't start hanging out until the end of 2003. We then became really close and were together like bum cheeks and undoes throughout 2004 and it was then that we slowly started. I had not done much music since former group ILA Familia had come to a stop in April 2002, when Cheeky picked up a beat CD and started something that inspired me to write again. We wrote two songs through that year but it wasn't until the end of 2004 that we decided to take it seriously and get into gear.

Do you have a special blend for fusing the hot-blooded Latin funk of your heritage with hip hop and your Australian side-
I would say that we do. The mixing of both cultures has been done before but not with our sound; we have definitely done our best to have a sound unlike any done before. Lyrically we've taken it to another level as far as ‘Spanglish’ is concerned, well, more than anyone else has in prior musical projects. Musically our blend has come from a few producers who each have interpreted their own ideas and helped form the blend/sound of Oz Locos over the last four years. They are Oscar Jimenez (Watussi) our main man, JP, DJ Fokus (Magician Records) and Fame (Overfroof).

Which rappers and producers are you feeling at the moment-
Rappers we're feeling right now are Lil Wayne (hands down), Lupe Fiasco, Kanye, Ludacris, Jay-Z, Latin artists; Tego Calderon, Wisin and Yandel, Daddy Yankee, Arcangel and the list goes on.
As for Producers were really feeling Oscar Jimenez (Watussi) - ha, Akon, Neli "El Arma Secreta” (the secret weapon), T-Pain, Timbaland…

You’re working on your debut LP at the moment, how’s it going-
Well actually, the LP has been mastered for a few months, the artwork has just been finished and were looking at quotes for pressing and in the middle of organising the launch for (if all goes well) October. The LP is titled Made In Australia and has 14 original tracks which feature the talents of many great artists from Figg Kidd, Fame, our international colaborations with Chile’s #1 reggaeton act Donko and La Secta Crew and Sutil (Raptores Records / Argentina) and of course the producers mentioned previously. So how's it going- It's going great, thanks for asking.

We hear your music is getting a lot of hype in South America, what’s the latest-
I wouldn't necessarily say a lot of hype, well not just yet anyway. We're definitely getting the name out there and making sure we're heard of, which you could say is the beginning and a lot more to come. We believe we’re reaching our goal (putting Australia on the map) bit by bit and it’s all coming together. All thanks to God.

You’re playing the Latin Block Party at the Opera House Studio soon, is it a spin out to be performing at the Opera House-
Not so much a spin out but definitely exciting and keeping us on our toes.

Your live show features a band, dancers, and even back up singers – tell us a bit more about it…
It's a show unlike any other that you will find around. We are more than just rappers, we're entertainers that have the great pleasure to work with professionals such as the ones we have in our show. It's a show that'll have you getting down from start to end with high energy, uplifting music.
You want to know more- Come to The Studio at Sydney Opera House on 16 August. Australian Latin hip hop like never before!

Finally, you guys are massive in the local Latin community, are there any other acts around the scene that we should not sleep on-
Yeah, US! Nah, just kidding, actually no I'm not, but apart from us I would have to say Watussi (who are killing it right now, so if you've slept on them up till now WAKE Up!), Carlos Velazquez, Pochoman (a good friend of ours direct from Habana, Cuba) who will be guest appearing with us at the Opera House. Some non-Latin artists would be The Vangarde, Rags 2 Riches, The Message, and CTMC.     

WHO: Oz Locos
WHAT: Play Latin Block Party at Sydney Opera House    
WHEN: 16-17 August