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Pole Folder - Pole Dancing At Laundry

Author: Scott Henderson
Monday, 19 May 2008
Digweed protégé Pole Folder is returning to Chinese Laundry this week, after hailing his laundry set last year one of his best. 3D's Scott Henderson had a word with the producer/DJ.

You seem to have your fingers in many pies between your radio show, producing, DJing and touring.

What do you get the most enjoyment out of these days-

Everything is great for me. As long as one of my activities is connected to the music I'm happy. I enjoy producing and touring but I can't wait to set up in my agenda the production of a new album.

John Digweed has been a big supporter of your career, how big a difference does that kind of backing have to advancing your career in the ever-growing pool of electronic DJs-
I couldn't dream about a better support. John has always been, for me, associated with new sounds and quality music. It was a real honour to see his faith for my work. It helped me also to get known on a faster way due to the massive exposure he has.

Your album Zero Gold was one of the first, if not the first, put out on Digweed's label Bedrock. What are you working on now and has your sound changed in the three years since Zero Gold-
New technologies bring new sounds. But one of my purposes was to produce, with Zero Gold, an album which could forget the rules of genres and to focus only on the music side. I think that the new productions are connected on some points with my previous work. The soul remains, maybe the texture is different.

It seems as though progressive house music has gone underground again in the last couple of years while other forms of dance music have become all the rage. What's your take on the direction of electronic music day and how do you see it evolving in the future-

It was maybe a mistake to try to do separated genres in electronic music as now people have a lot of prejudges or boundaries in terms of selection. I don't recognise myself on some progressive tracks and some techno tracks are definitely what I'm looking for in my DJ sets. For me, music is still about melodies so I'll continue to play melodic with a drive and a mental feeling. I like the idea that you can go on a club and escape only with the music.

Before you got caught up in the Belgium clubbing scene you were in your own rock band and on your website it says you want to bring in guitars and keyboards to your live gigs. What is the thinking behind this return to your roots and what sort of sound can we look forward to hearing-
In my case I never dissociated electronic and rock n roll music. I was playing in a rock band deeply inspired by Faith No More and Simple Minds, but at the same time going to electronic clubs like Boccacio, where they were playing new beat. I always enjoyed bands that were doing the fusion between electronic and rock n roll. It was interesting at this times also to see classic rock bands like U2 exploring new electro territories with albums like Achtung Baby and electronic synths bands like Depeche Mode going to rock atmospheres with the Ultra album. For me the use of instruments inside DJ sets is very normal. I use guitars and keyboards on top of regular DJ equipment.

Any surprises up your sleeve for the gig at Chinese Laundry-

I selected my best tracks to come to Australia, so I hope people will have a good time. Last year my gig at Chinese Laundry was, for me, one of the best I had in 2007 so I hope to get the same feeling this year again.

WHO: Pole Diver
WHAT: Plays Break-Inn at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Friday 23 May