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Recloose - Spruced Recloose

Author: Rezo
Thursday, 7 August 2008
Matthew Chicoine - aka Recloose - is about to release his new LP Perfect Timing on Sonar Kollektiv and has recently remixed Yes King, Robert Strauss and Paul Randalph. 3D's Rezo chats with the American DJ who now calls Auckland home.

Music wasn't something that was going to pass Chicoine by. 'I don't think I had any choice,' he says. 'I was predisposed to love it and, luckily, eventually make a living out of it. It's strange when I think of it because around my house we usually only heard easy listening, show tunes, Christmas songs, etc. Every once in a while, my pops would slip on some Motown, which I always found inspiring. As I grew up, I sought out stuff I heard on the radio in Detroit - for instance a lot of the tunes from Jeff Mill's old Wizard show where he would mash up hip hop, electro and what was becoming techno.'

Indeed, trying to work out where Matt draws his influences is not an easy proposition. Soul and funk are his first loves but that doesn't mean that he isn't keen on pursuing other styles. Detroit of course, holds a special place in the hearts of many music fans. It still also maintains a special place in Chicoine's heart. New Zealand on the other hand, is perhaps yet to come of age but he is happy to call it home. And yet he is unperturbed when I ask whether he misses his hometown. 'You know, I have really enjoyed my time here in New Zealand and I have to say that Auckland is a great place to live - at least after seven years of living in Wellington,' he says, laughing. 'Of course this place is far away from most places except Australia so you get the cabin fever sometimes, but all in all, it's a great place to be. And yes, I do miss Detroit and my people. It's still and will always be a musical mecca and very important to me.'
Having been around since forever, Chicoine is still relishing his role as a musical ambassador. Surely one would think that at some point you'd become dejected, demoralised or desperately bored- Not Recloose.

'I'm on a high at the moment,' he boasts. 'If we're talking music, I've fallen back in love with it. A lot of it comes from juggling between being a DJ, playing live gigs, my radio show and also the work I do in the studio as production. Music is so good that when you get tired of one thing, you jump to the next and it's always sure to treat you right. So yeah, at the moment I'm loving playing records! Of course it is tough times when it comes to record and CD sales but this is a reality that I've come to terms with, you can't let things like that keep you down - unless you want a day job, that is!'

WHO: Recloose
WHAT: Plays Manning Bar
WHEN: Saturday 8 August