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STA - Supersta

Author: Jane Stabler
Monday, 19 May 2008
3D's Jane Stabler talks to Canadian electro producer/DJ Stu Freen, aka STA, ahead of his Australian tour.

'Gen Y' and the 'Internet Gen' are buzz terms thrown about mostly by marketing managers or people in HR, but when it comes to the likes of Stu Freen, the phrases are fairly apt. Recognised as rising to fame almost completely online, Freen's location in a reserved college town meant that the pick up of his bootlegs at first happened without him even knowing.

'As far as where I went to school it was a college town, there wasn't a lot going on there in the dance scene,' the rapidly rising producer/DJ admits. 'I was always into tinkering around and into lots of dance and stuff earlier. I was DJing and making my own edits and stuff and they were getting popular. Eventually I went off and made a remix and sent it to one of my friends on the internet and he posted it on his blog and it went from there.'

Although the internet may have been where STA - pronounced 'star' - got his official start, the talented youngster wasn't actually au fait with the world on online music to really comprehend what was happening once his tracks hit cyberspace. Luckily for him, others in the musical know knew exactly what was going on and word began to filter back to the man himself that he was garnering a pretty good name across the States.

'When it started getting spread around the music blogs I didn't really know what they were!' he laughs. 'When I first started producing I was kind of in a DJ bubble. I would just be going to class and I would hear stories around that such-and-such was playing my track at a huge party in LA or whatever. It was a real compliment that a huge DJ that I admired was using my stuff, but eventually it started to translate and they started to fly me out to DJ the tracks myself. So it was lucky I could actually DJ, that's how some producers get caught with their pants down.'

STA's ability to mash up some relatively disparate genres has seen the remix requests begin to flood in, and the Canadian maestro has created floor fillers for our own Tommy Trash as well as international luminaries The Crystal Method. Despite working across so many artists from all corners of the globe, STA says he sticks to his roots as much as possible but wont discriminate so long as the sound is good.

'I sort of come from an electro house background,' he considers of his production leanings. 'I always played the deeper house stuff and I was pretty happy when it took that turn to the electro death punk stuff. Everything I do comes from that angle. As far as the tracks I DJ with, they're mostly from Canada as well as England and France. I like a lot of Australian stuff as well. Dancey tech stuff. As far as remixing, I'll remix whatever as long as it's good. My attitude is if it's a good track and it's got a good beat, I can work with it.'

WHAT: Plays Club Club at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Saturday 24 May