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Shapeshifters - Shifting Sides

Author: Rezo
Wednesday, 13 August 2008

After being at the forefront of house music for the last decade, the UK’s Shapeshifters chat to 3D’s Rezo about signing a new deal, putting together a compilation and touring around the world.

Max Reich and Simon Marlin of house duo Shapeshifters certainly see eye-to-eye. There is no denying their achievements in the world of electronic music. We only need look back to 2003, when Lola’s Theme took the house world by storm. Five years later, the duo have moved on. Having already released albums on Positiva and EMI Records, they have recently signed to Defected and with that, launched a new compilation.

“Yes it’s true,” he says of the signing. “We have signed with Defected Records and to celebrate, we’ve compiled a mix. There are three CDs – the first is slightly deep while the second is more up-tempo. The third is more of a special CD. It features tracks that have proven to be inspiration for us.”

The diversity is there. You’ll hear Fedde Le Grande, Mike Monday, Al Green, The Jungle Brothers and of course Shapeshifters themselves.

“These are the tracks that we’ve picked ourselves,” Reich says of the mix. “We see the CDs as having distinct feels. The deep one is something we would play earlier in the morning or in the evening. Perhaps something you would listen to when sitting by the pool. The second is more of a peak-time CD. Most of the tracks are ones that we play currently today. Of course there were some tracks that we wanted, but couldn’t have. That happens when you’re doing a mix CD. Some of them haven’t yet been released in the UK or worldwide for that fact. So in the end, we did a compilation that featured a lot of tracks we liked. The third CD – the one we call the inspirational CD - is purely tracks from the 80s that inspired us to make music.”

The duo is happy and excited to be working with Defected. And other than the mix just released, there is also an album to come. “For now, we’ll keep releasing records and things. We want to create a bit of a natural demand. We’ve got the material, so instead of forcing it upon people, we just wanted to do it slowly. We’re not in a hurry. Defected has a very organic and relaxed feel to it so we don’t feel that there is pressure to deliver. They’re not only a record company, but an events company too. From that perspective I think the future looks really great with them.”

So where does all this leave Reich and Marlin on the touring front- “We did the Future Festival last time and it was amazing,” Reich says. “We’re doing a couple of big tours around North and South America, as well as Japan and Canada. I think there is a good chance we can get down to Australia before summer!”

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