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Sharam Jey - King Sharam

Author: Rezo
Tuesday, September 23, 2008

German producer, DJ and label founder Sharam Jey is returning to Australia this week to “rock” Chinese Laundry. 3D’s Rezo played catch up for the readers.

So tell us how you got into dance music…
First, I have been the singer in a school rock band and got a bit into DJing at birthday parties and stuff like that. It was mainly the ’80s stuff, a mixture of rock, hip hop and later house music. I really had fun so I wanted to do it more professionally. At first I wanted to get money to pay the studio costs for the band but then I got so into house music that I quit the band and became just a DJ and producer.

You have such a prolific remix/release list – how do you find the time-

Well, that is my job. Of course it is great if you can combine your passion for music with your job. I always wanted to do music so I think it is no problem to take your time to create music. Actually I am not doing much more except playing PlayStation and cooking for friends.

Some say you’re hot right now – what do you think-
I don’t really know if I am hot or not. I just know that I am working constantly for about nearly 15 years now and I still got lots of things to come. So I had a lot of action going on this year and I am expecting the next year to be even busier.

Tell us about your remix work – do you approach it to give it your edge-

Yes, basically that is the idea. With my works for acts like Moby, Mylo, Faith No More and others I always tried to create a whole new sound but keep the original feel of the track.

Do you have a preference – DJ or studio work-

I like both. If I’m in a club as a DJ I like getting in touch with the audience and the people so I can try new stuff and get an immediate reaction. The studio work is basically to take your time to take this vibe of the club people and put it into new ideas and create new material.

Tell us about your label King Kong and the philosophy behind it – what has been happening there-

In the beginning I mainly released my own stuff, but [now] we really have lots of new up and coming acts like the LouLou Players and El Carlitto. I want to give newcomers and unknown talents a platform to establish themselves. Basically we want to make music from DJs for DJs. There is also my second album on King Kong as well.

And the music that you are really enjoying right now-
Mainly the stuff that’s been out the last two-three years really represents my taste. I like the mixture of electronic tunes with some rock and hip hop influences. If you listen to my releases you get a hint of what I am into at the moment.

Finally, tell us what we can expect to hear for you during your trip to Australia-
Well, I have been to Australia a few times and I really enjoy it. I just have good memories; the people got into my music and got a great time partying. I am going to make them go crazy again and I hope I am getting huge support from the crowd. Because what I really want is to rock them.

WHO: Sharam Jey
WHAT: Plays Club Club at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Saturday 27 September