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Sneaky Sound System - All Systems Go

Author: Rezo
Thursday, 14 August 2008

3D’s Rezo sits down with Angus McDonald of Sneaky Sound System to chat about recording album number two, coming together as a band and picking up where they left off.

When Angus McDonald, Daimon Downey and Connie Mitchell came together, none of them anticipated the sort of commercial success they have gone on to achieve. It has been a splendid success story, and one that looks set to continue.

The monster that is Sneaky Sound System came about after some not-so-typical chain of events. “We actually met in quite unusual circumstances,” McDonald begins. “It wasn’t like we actually set out to be what we have become. Daimon and I met one Sunday night and ended up making a bit of music. We never really had a plan. I’d always made music, and hence thought it would be fun to make material under the Sneaky Sound System guise. However, we were missing a lead vocalist. One day we met Connie in a park and exchanged numbers. After recording our first single, things really pieced together quite well. We were doing gigs and songs as a fully fledged band.”

The process in which each track comes together is wholly a team effort. McDonald might write the track, where Mitchell may come up with the vocals. Other times, McDonald may begin with a chorus, and Mitchell will respond with the melody.  There’s no formulaic process in which a Sneaky Sound System track comes about.

“It’s a very collaborative process,” McDonald explains. “Sometimes we do need to change things around a bit, but on the whole, the process works really well.”

With their second out this week things are starting to get busy. “We’re really excited. This is our first album as a complete band,” McDonald says. “The first album was effectively recorded in a studio, piece by piece, rather than as a proper band. It was done in stages. This one has picked up the tail end of that with a few singles and things. Now that we’ve played literally hundreds of shows, we have a different approach to recording. This one might be radically different, as we didn’t have an agenda. We just pieced things together. When you’ve got a distinct vocalist like Connie, it isn’t hard.”

The album is as smooth and upbeat as everything else they’ve done.  Expect indulgences and experiments, but at the same time, expect anthems and songs that sound like they’re already classics.

The trio try to keep a humble attitude to their success. “We never could have predicted the success that we’ve had,” he says. “We’ll be forever grateful for what we’ve achieved. Sometimes however we are so busy getting to the next show and doing the next thing we don’t always get the chance to appreciate it.”

And what of the tour- “The last tour we did was pretty big,” McDonald says. “We played pavilions and had massive light shows and things like that. We haven’t worked out exactly what we’ll do, but I’m sure we’ll play a lot of old songs and new songs - maybe the ones that will become future classics.”

WHO: Sneaky Sound System
WHAT: 2 out through Whack Recordings
WHEN: Saturday 16 August