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Snob Scrilla - King Of The Snobs

Author: NJ
Sunday, 25 May 2008
Richard Kingsmill wants more, Sydney’s Ivy League signed him as the only non-rock artist on their roster, and he’s hooked up with a major American producer. So why’s American ex-pat Snob Scrilla on everybody’s lips- 3D’s NJ finds out more…

Snob Scrilla – formerly of sunny California, now of sunny Sydney, is that correct-
Yeah man, I left Cali in ’02 a week out of high school, landed in Sydney, and I’ve been hiding from DIMIA ever since... just kidding. Man, you can’t play with these people, they might do me like Slick Rick!

Your bio tells a tale of Snob and The Blueberry Think Tank fronting the Alien-Nation in a battle for control of the soundscape of the universe – entertaining, definitely, but not very enlightening. Pray tell us a bit about the Blueberry Think Tank – who are they-
Yeah, that bio is a bit obscure, haha. Okay, so basically The Blueberry Think Tank is a production team; we make music that we like to listen to. We also used to moonlight as screenwriters. We’ve been responsible for such memorable catch phrases as “Cowabunga”, “And I’ll form the head!” and, best of all, “By the power of Grey Skull!”

You’ve got some definite old school conscious hip hop influences to your style (along with Atari, Rubix Cubes, Mr T and Hulk Hogan), any MCs or producers you want to name check-
Man, these days when I listen to music I feel a bit like a ‘neo-Marty’ ’cause sometimes I vibe out to classic albums like Outkast’s Atliens, Gangstarr’s Moment of Truth and Common’s Like Water For Chocolate, and then I’ll be like ‘OK, back to the future now...’ and that’s when I listen to all things Miami Horror, Gameboy/Gamegirl, Bag Raiders, CSK_OK, and the Hey Now DJs. I’m stuck between two different worlds, but that’s how I like it. That’s another [world] when I wear my McFly 2015s. Oh you don’t have a pair...- Sucks to be you!

Congrats on signing with Ivy League records; you’re the only non-rock based band on the roster, did the signing come as a surprise-
Thank you, man. Yeah, it was a bit of a whirlwind week – I was literally an hour away from putting pen to paper with another label, when out of the blue Ivy contacted me. It was ideal for me though, because I had really wanted to stay away from letting the project go to a major label. Plus the fact that Ivy doesn’t have any other artist like me is a blessing. They have backed me, with all of my crazy ideas about my project, and are really dope guys.

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien dropped a verse on your new track Mr Officer, how did you hook up Mr Dobalina- Did you meet him in person-

You know what, we actually have only collaborated in cyberspace so far. But after the party we are throwing at Sosueme, I’m flying over to Cali to shoot the clip with him which is gonna be the cat’s pyjamas! I won’t give away too much yet, but yeah, it’s gonna be nuts! I’m extra hyped about this track. Look out for its debut on triple j in the coming weeks!

The single There You Go Again is out and about right now, and we hear you’re debut album Day One is near completion, when can we expect it-
Well see, while There You Go Again seems like it’s ‘out’ and everywhere at the moment, funnily enough, it’s actually only everywhere except stores. That’s ’cause it’s gonna be featured along with Mr Officer and five other tracks on my debut EP called The Day Before. I decided that rather than put a single out, I’ll do some extra tracks, more than just one song and a remix – more bang for your buck. The whole thing is gonna be bundled on iTunes too, which is cool. Meanwhile, the album is almost finished, I’m just looking for a few final collabs to polish it off and then we’ll be looking for a release towards the end of the year.

So how did you hook up with the Sosueme crew-
Back before music was popping off for me, I needed a place to crash for a while and the boys at Sosueme were nice enough to let me sleep under the stage in Q Bar in return for smuggling Koolaid satchels across the border in porcelain Dizzy Gillespie figurines. Now that I’m ‘on’ the stage and not under it I think some kid named Fernando has taken my place. Poor kid wont be getting any sleep on the 30th...

Any plans for a national tour this year-
Well, I’m hitting the road in June to supply some super rad audio support to some really cool cats. Make sure you look out for the dates on those shows. Then later in the year I will be doing a massive national tour to support the release of Day One.

Finally, does the Snob part of your moniker hold true- Is there anything in particular you’re hating on at the moment-
Oh yeah man, I put the ‘Hater’ in ‘Haterade’. Apart from the cliché “I hate” involving ‘formulaic assembly line music that is screwing up the industry’, right now I’m hating on Supre for hijacking the ’80s, I’m hating on Facebook for making me look like a male ho, and I hate Lock for always screwing up my plans to get off this bloody island. Oh yeah...and I hate The Beatles... Sosueme!

OK, well that’s about it. Thanks for your time…

Nah, nah, thank you, haha... I look forward to shilling with you on 30 May at Sosueme, bruv! See you then – I’ll put aside a glass of Koolaid for you!

WHO: Snob Scrilla
WHAT: Plays Sosueme at Q Bar
WHEN: Friday 30 May