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Stupid Fresh - Fresh Princes

Author: 3D
Monday, 19 May 2008
The UK’s dynamic duo Stupid Fresh take a time-out with 3D to discuss what it takes to be part of the Bomb Squad, and pioneering 'jazztronic ghetto wobble funk.’

What were you each playing before you met up at a DJ comp in Leeds-
Tod: Pro Evo Soccer.
Chris: The banjo.
Tod: On a serious note though, we were both really digging the 'techy' tougher house stuff. Artists like Cirez D, Ingrosso and Angello would take over a majority of our record boxes. We loved techno too, still do!
Chris: Yeah, we had similar taste to start off with. I think that's why it works so well now.  

Many of your remixes and tracks have a real fidget feel to them – lots of wobbly bass and bleeps – would you align your sound with guys like Sinden, Herve and Crookers-
Chris: I think so yeah. We still try to keep an accessible element to our tracks though and not get too carried away with the obscure noises that hurt your head, which can often be found in the fidget of today.
Tod: Yeah, some of that shit's far too crazy for me. We try to keep the girls on the dancefloor. When you've nailed that you're onto a winner.

Pitchfork reckon the new sound for 08 is going to be ‘wonky’ - a hip hop-grime-dubstep-electro hybrid where “the mid-range is being hijacked by off-kilter, unstable synths”; does that description sound familiar to you-
Tod: Hmm, very specific. We prefer 'jazztronic ghetto wobble funk.'
Chris: Spread the word.

When’s the debut EP or LP likely to drop-

Tod: Hopefully soon!
Chris: We've been working on some original material for Micky Slim's Bomb Squad label and hope to have a shiny new Fresh EP for your ears in the next few months.

Are you working on any special tunes or re-rubs at the moment-
Chris: Maybe...
Tod: Maybe not... There'll definitely be a few surprises up our sleeves for the folk of Australia to look forward to, including a collab with your very own Stellar MC.

How’d you hook up with Sydney girl Stellar MC for the guest vocals on Get The Fk Up-
Chris: Who hooked up with her-!
Tod: Me, ha ha. The original version used an old house vocal by Candy J, which although it’s one of the most sampled records of all time we had issues with clearance for. That's where our pal Mr Tyson AKA Bass Kleph and his Vacation label came in.
Chris: Indeed. The Kleph fixed us up with the Stellar vocal and a few weeks later it's number one on DJ Download.
Tod: Boomshackalacka!

You’re out here for a few shows, considering you’re linked up with Bass Kleph’s Vacation Records, will you be doing any in-person collabs while you’re out here-
Chris: Who knows, we hope so!
Tod. Yeah deffo. Stu's a top top bloke and we'd love to get something written with him.
Chris: We did try when he was in the UK last but I think the carnage from the night before may have hindered the proceedings slightly.
Tod: Ah yes, Maybe we'll finish that one then- Apart from that, there's a few other artists we'd like to get our hands on like The Shuffle...
Chris: ...and Stellar
Tod: Of course. Simultaneously.

What else is on your to-do list for this visit-
Tod: Stellar MC
Chris: I think we've killed that joke now. I want to buy a boomerang...
Tod: ... and one of those hats with the corks.

Are there any other up and coming Leeds producers you want to give a shout out to while you’re here-
Tod: There's a whole bunch of people we're really digging at the moment, not just from Leeds. We're loving Mowgli, Lee Mortimer, Jack Beats and Foamo to name a few...
Chris: ... and Barry Zanetti!

Finally, what are the essential ingredients to a Stupid Fresh party-
Tod: Jack Daniels
Chris: ... and a whole bunch of other stuff we'd rather not mention!

WHO: Stupid Fresh
WHAT: Play Ping at Yu / Moulin Rouge / Sounds On Sunday at The Greenwood
WHEN: Saturday 31 May / Friday 6 June / Sunday 8 June