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Sub Bass Snarl - Subaudible Boom

Author: NJ
Monday, 16 June 2008
3D's NJ catches up with Sub Bass Snarl ahead of their Dusted set.

It's been a couple of years since you guys put the legendary Frigid party to rest, what's been mostly occupying your time since then-

Seb and I (as well as Sir Robbo and Prince V, who put on Frigid with us from 1996-2006) have always had day jobs and engaged in DJing and promoting as extra-curricular activities. So we have continued with those parts of our lives while still doing the weekly Monday night Paradigm Shift radio show on 2SER and DJing at various gigs round town. I've also been making very, very slow in-roads to producing in the last six to nine months. Seb is also a dad now, which means that he is more likely to be in bed by 9pm than 9am the next morning as it used to be.

Do you think you'll ever move back into putting on parties or touring artists-

I think we never intended the end of Frigid to be the end of us putting on gigs and it actually hasn't been - Seb and I helped out with the Vex'd gig that also involved the Void guys, for example. But the sad thing is without Frigid there as a regular space to host visiting guests the amount of effort to put on one-off gigs when we are offered someone exciting who may be visiting town is often too much to fit into our busy lives.

We hear you're playing a lot of dubstep these days, is that safe to say or are we making unfair assumptions-
Yeah, sure we are. It is a massively bass-heavy sound that has remained innovative and fresh over the years and captured quite a lot of our attention. As usual we like mixing it up though and in our sets at Void you will often hear more than just your standard 'large tunes'. We've been inserting a lot of other styles into dubstep sets too - something that it is perhaps a bit easier for us oldies to do than the new breed of genre purists. You will hear no dubstep at Dusted from us though!

Sub Bass Snarl have always pushed avant-garde sounds - from your position out there on the bleeding edge, what's been the most exciting music you've heard lately-
I've actually been getting really into the soundtrack from The Omen - Jerry Goldsmith's Oscar winning score for the original 1976 masterpiece of non-gore horror. Made me pull out the Venetian Snares album Rossz Csillag Allat Született again which has similar vibes but with Aaron Funk's mental drill and jungle production jigsawing in during most tracks.

You're playing at Dusted at Hermann's Bar, which should give you ample opportunity to dig deep into your collection of old school techno and bass music; have you had a think yet about what sort of tunes you'll play-
So much old school goodness to choose from! You must understand here, dear readers, that Seb and I have been DJing since 1991, and following music since much earlier, so our gaze has focussed on many a bass-heavy and/or rave-cheese style over the decades. Suffice to say there will be classics from the late '80s acid house and bleep n bass eras mixed with our early '90s hard acid techno roots displaying plenty of nasty mentasms, crunchy anti-melodic machine-rhythm loops interspersed with rainbow-in-your-mind breakdowns where you will reach for the laser- and I dunno, maybe even some Madchester and/or proto jungle- What I am loving hearing is the referencing or direct sampling of tracks of this era in dubstep at the moment. So we'll be playing the roots of that, if you follow-.

WHO: Sub Bass Snarl
WHAT: Plays Dusted at Herrman's Bar
WHEN: Friday 20 June