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Technoboy - Don't Techno For An Answer

Author: Rezo
Monday, 23 June 2008
Starting as a resident DJ at several Italian clubs playing disco, Cristiano Giusberti – aka Technoboy – was into all sorts of dance music and had a few self-confessed ‘hits’ in 1999 before he really found his feet and pursued hardstyle.

What are your influences and inspirations-
In my latest tracks you can hear a lot of ’80s influences but I listen to a lot of different styles, although mainly dance and pop music. My inspiration comes from all over the world as I am traveling a lot and always try to listen to local music. I really have an urge to know what is hot in a region!

What is it about hard energy music you like-
The energy mainly! There is not one other style which is so focused on getting people to dance as hardstyle [Um… – Ed]. I put a lot of energy in the bass lines, they have to be round and full of energy. That is why a studio partner and I lock ourselves up once in a while in the studio just to produce new bass lines. It sometimes takes weeks but is all worth it.

Why do you call yourself Technoboy-
The name Technoboy was thought of when there was not yet a name for the new style we were producing. It was just called techno like most dance genres in Italy at that time.

Hardstyle is a reasonably new genre. How have you seen it change-
Fortunately we have all grown up and there are a lot of different producers working in their own way. The biggest chance is that it is getting more global every day. It is not just Holland but the whole of Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, South Africa, everywhere. I have already seen 20-plus countries just this year and requests come in from regions I have never even heard of.

What have you been up to in the studio-

I have been producing a lot like every year prior to the really big events. I will play on the main stages of the Defqon.1 Festival and Sensation Black in the coming weeks. The end of June is actually a good time to come over, as there will be a lot of tracks that have not been released yet that I can choose from. I will definitely play Technoboy – Oh My God, which features the vocals by an Australian DJ Shayla. It is currently being hyped all over Europe as I have been playing it but nobody has it yet; I have been getting loads of emails on that one! Of course I will also play Rage, which is a big hit at this moment. I did not expect those vocals to be so popular, but people started to sing them by the second time they heard the track.

Do you have any plans for remixes, artist albums, et cetera-
Well I do remixes quite often so you can expect a lot of those for sure. An album is something I have been thinking of but there are no real plans yet. We have been thinking of a ‘best of’ album as well but it will be a problem to pick the right tracks for that one, there are so many which I have good memories of. Maybe one big megamix! For now just expect a lot of tracks to be released in the next couple of months.

So give us your current Top 5…
Technoboy featuring Shayla – Oh My God. This is the track I have been talking about. Besides the really funny vocal it has a lot of energy, while the track itself is not really hard. It is just about energy and cool melodies.
DJ Gius – Nerve. One of my new tracks; it just blows and that was all it needed to do. It goes on for five minutes without any breaks or whatever; just a pounding five-minute trip where you do not have to stop dancing!
The Dark Oscillators meets Bruno Power – The Box. Bruno Power is one of the talents I am currently pushing to become the new big stars. The guy has so much talent and already scored a number of hits. It is now time for him to step in the lights and climb to the top.
New project from Ivan Carsten – not named. Ivan Carsten is the other talent I have been helping a lot. He is, with Bruno, 50 per cent of the Nastyboyz and certainly kicks ass. If you want to hear an epic track listen to the piano in Unexpected.
Project One – The World is Yours. Project One (Headhunterz and Wildstylez) is something that will explode in the near future. They just released a full album out of the blue and it is massive! Well produced, good tracks, energy all over.

And what can we expect from you on your forthcoming Australian tour-

Lots of new tracks; at least half of my set will be tracks you have never heard before. Also expect a lot of classics you have been asking me for in the last months by mail. It has been two years since my last visit; let’s do it with a bang!

WHO: Technoboy
WHAT: Plays Magic City, Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre
WHEN: Saturday 28 June