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Teenagersintokyo - Adolescent Rock

Author: Rezo
Wednesday, 13 August 2008

After putting out their debut EP last year Teenagersintokyo have found success in all sorts of places. They’ve just returned to Sydney from an international tour, so we had Rezo find out how it went, and what they have planned.

There are a few things going on in the Australian music scene at the moment. Most Sydney music buffs would’ve heard of the funky five-piece teenagersintokyo. Call then a little rock, a little electronic and a little pop. Their tunes are catchy and laced with killer rhythms, and, after a country-hopping tour, they’re back in Australia and ready to rock.

Sam – one of the four females in the band - has a very humble attitude to the group’s rapid rise through the country’s indie rock ranks. “It has been a pretty exciting but also unexpected situation for myself and the girls,” she begins. “It’s the first band we’ve ever played in. It is actually the first time we’ve really had the chance to write music. When we started doing this a few years ago, we thought about giving it our best shot. We always enjoyed music so we started learning how to play keyboards and bass. Now it’s at the point where people are buying our records and coming up to us at our shows and chatting to us about the songs they heard on the radio or the internet. It’s really cool to get those messages. The response has been amazing. It’s been a surreal experience. When you go overseas you realise you must be doing something right. When you start a band you dream about being famous, so for everything to go your way is a great feeling.”
Getting signed to Backyard Recordings was what the girls consider their big break. “I think as soon as we decided we wanted to do music, we were serious from the get-go,” Sam admits. “We didn’t know instruments or how to write songs, so we learnt a long of things and did stuff that wasn’t really the traditional way. By the time we got a record deal it was time to get even more serious. That tends to happen - you get serious about shows and then you get serious about recording demos and you have to keep taking things up another notch at a time. You have to be professional, which is something new for us as well.”

All the rapid success did was hurry up the release of their first EP. “Jono Ma who is a friend of mine from Lost Valentinos,” she continues. “He suggested we try recording some demos and tracks - we decided to pursue that. We ended up with three tracks, two of which we were really happy with. So then we recorded another three, we decided that was enough for an EP. Between our demos and our MySpace page, the label found us. It’s been the most amazing journey ever since!”

At the moment, the teenagersintokyo crew are focused on locking themselves in the studio and trying to write. “It’s a creative challenge all-round, so we’re always trying to come up with new ideas that we think will be interesting for us and for our fans,” she explains. “There are a few demos floating around, and we hope to get back into the studio before the end of the year to record something. Our shows have been getting tighter and tighter too, so we hope to see everyone down there.”

WHO: teenagersintokyo
WHAT: Play Spectrum
WHEN: Friday 15 August