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The Misshapes - Party Misshapes

Author: 3D
Wednesday, 13 August 2008

New York party outfit The Misshapes are on their way over to Australia to play an exclusive set. We caught up with them on the eve of their Australian debut appearance.

Which came first, Misshapes the party or Misshapes the band- And will the party ever make a return-
Misshapes started as us DJing together then evolved into the party that you guys would of heard about. The party then took a bit of a hiatus while we were working on other projects and has now resumed in NYC for specific events.    

What are some of your immediate musical influences-
Everything from electro, disco, hip hop, indie and pop. Our taste is pretty eclectic (as I imagine most people’s would be these days) and that is reflected in our sets. Anything that is fun and people can dance to I guess.

You’re closely aligned with the fashion scene, do you think it helps your profile as a band to have a distinctive sartorial sense-
I think we’ve gotten by on our own merits but it has definitely helped. As far as crafting a clear identity, we’ve used our style to carve out a very specific niche and that can only help with how you are received and perceived. At the end of the day however, the music is what joins people together and galvanizes everything, and that is what we love the most.

Tell us a bit about the Misshapes book which is coming out – looks like a compendium of ‘Dos’...
Haha I guess you could say that. It’s basically a snapshot of history of a particular time and place. It’s mostly made up of our friends and Misshapes regulars as well as a few famous faces. We thought of our night as a point where music and fashion intersected and I guess the book is just a manifestation of that ideology. Plus it's full of beautiful people.

What are some of the other projects you’re involved with outside of music-
We have created the soundtracks to fashion shows in New York, Milan, London, and Paris. We’ve launched a book (as you’ve mentioned), launched a new website, and also plan to put out an album of original tracks in the not too distant future!

Finally, how did you get involved with Pedestrian, and do you have anything spectacular planned for their issue launch-
We heard about Pedestrian via a few like-minded friends in America. We had checked out their website and definitely appreciated what they did. When they asked us to come to Australia to help launch their new DVD it was a no-brainer. We can’t really reveal too much but I’ve been told that we are battling the guys from Bang Gang for a little NYC vs. Sydney club war. You’ll have to come along to see who wins.   

WHO: The Misshapes Vs. Bang Gang
WHAT: Pedestrian Issue 14 Launch Party at Slide Bar
WHEN: Friday 15th of August