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The Rogue Element - Rhythm And Stealth

Author: 3D
Monday, 16 June 2008

Breaks producer and deliverer of 'noisy party music', The Rogue Element is headed to Destination- At The Cross. 3D asked what's in store, and just what he's doing scoring British wildlife programs.

You've got your second album out this year, can you tell us a little about it-
It's about half done - I'm trying to do the more dancefloor-orientated stuff first to get a bunch of singles ready, so that I can get a bit experimental over the summer fleshing the album out with other tracks.  
What did you do musically different on your new album than on your debut, Rogue Rock-
I have tried to disguise my influences a bit better and be a bit less genre specific. Obviously I'm proud of the first album but I feel I did stick within 'safe zones' to a degree with regards to arrangement and so on - I'll be changing that.  I'm also intending to do a bit more hip hop orientated stuff, maybe three or four tracks.  

You also score for film and TV. Can you tell us about a few projects you've worked on-

It's mostly for wildlife and travel shows for a production company called Parthenon Entertainment here in the UK, although I have just got a gig for an ITV series which is the second largest channel over here after the BBC. The series in question follows a bunch of house cats around a village in Scotland watching what they get up to, which I imagine does not extend too far beyond sleeping, trying to catch birds, and eating (and mating if they're lucky). As you can probably guess, it is considerably removed from the Rogue Element stuff I do... 

Are you working on any remixes at the moment-
Not at the moment - I am concentrating on getting the album done and remixes do use up your creativity somewhat. The last one I did was for Lee Coombs - a track called Contro, which has just gone to be cut and should be coming out in a couple of months. 

Who are some peers we maybe haven't heard of here in Australia that we should check out-
Well stop me if you've heard of these, but Fake Blood, Arrow!!, Boy 8 Bit and Calvertron are all featuring heavily in my sets at the moment and a couple of those are likely to blow up massively over the next few months. 

What can we expect from your Sydney show-
Noisy party music - a spiky mix of breaks, wonky house, techno and whatever else I deem appropriate! And also some brand new unreleased stuff from me!

WHO: The Rogue Element
WHAT: Destination- at The Cross
WHEN: Saturday 21 June