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Trickski - Get Your Trick On

Author: Cyclone
Monday, 19 May 2008
Germany's electronic field has produced some dynamic duos, such as Basic Channel and Booka Shade, and the latest to join their ranks is Berlin's Trickski. 3D's Cyclone chats to Daniel Becker of the duo ahead of his prompt return to Australian soil.

Daniel Becker and Yannick Labbe formally introduced themselves to the Australian underground on last year's DJ tour, sponsored by the culturally in-sync Goethe Institute. Then, Trickski promoted Members of the Trick, a showcase of 12 Inches they've A&Red for Sonar Kollektiv. Now the amiable Becker is returning for a whirlwind visit.

In Australia, Trickski are aligned with Sydney's boutique Future Classic, which licensed Members.

Becker is well familiar with Future Classic's quality antipodean roster, Trickski even remixing Jamie Lloyd's U & I. And, he reports, its artists are making inroads in Germany.

'Obviously there's some stuff coming over here - like Jamie Lloyd, for example,' Becker says. 'Actually, we have a residency here, a club night, at a place called Cookies, and there's a restaurant as well and I was really surprised one night they played Jamie Lloyd there.

I was like, 'Hey, I know this guy!'

'Deepchild is really big here among the techno guys. I met him a few weeks ago. He was staying here a few months and then going back.'

Becker and Labbe are old friends from Freiburg in Germany's Black Forest belt.
They were drawn into the local electronic subculture, partying at Rainer Truby's night. Becker moved to arty Berlin, where today he runs a graphic design company, Goldener Westen. He was followed by Labbe.

When Labbe began cutting music, issuing a record on Cabinet, the pals united. Trickski was launched in 2005. (They're occasionally accompanied by MC Jack Migger, aka FNA.)

Jazzanova invited the Berlin upstarts to direct a club series for their Sonar Kollektiv - hence the Members of the Trick enterprise. Along the way, Trickski bravely covered Carl Craig's seminal At Les, the Detroiter giving it his blessing. Craig also supported their Sweat, selecting it for his Fabric mix.

Trickski's next goal-

They're gearing up for an 'artist' album, tweaking tracks as they go. 'There is no real vision yet,' Becker admits. 'We have different approaches... We're still sorting out and collecting stuff. We don't really have 'the 10 commandments' for the album written down yet. We have a few tracks that are done, but we still have to see in which direction the whole thing is going.'

Meanwhile, Trickski have completed a couple of fresh remixes, one for Phonique's Ladies and Gentlemen imprint - or, rather, his signing Kiloo - and the other for Swedish folk outfit Little Dragon. Expect more MOTT soon.

Trickski love their electro, techno and deep house but, most of all, theirs is a whimsical sensibility. Becker shuns ultra serious Teutonic minimalism. As such, he misses Yannick when DJing solo.

Does he DJ differently on his own- 'We both have our little specialities, I think,' he says. 'The basic feel is the same, but there's some tunes I really like to drop that Yannick doesn't play - and the other way around. When we play together, we always try to surprise each other. There's always some kind of positive battle feel going on!'

WHO: Daniel Becker (Trickski)
WHAT: Plays Future Classic Label Night at Civic Underground
WHEN: Friday 23 May