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edseven - edseven Deadly Spins

Author: 3D
Monday, 23 June 2008
This Sunday Rephrase launches his new album Swaps at Cut The Rug, and he’s called on Sydney trip hop/hip hop producer/DJ edseven to warm the crowd. 3D had a chat.

You put out your debut three-track EP Too Much Talk late last year, is a follow-up currently in the works-
Yeah, I’m currently finishing the tracks for a second EP coming out on Straightup Recordings soon, plus putting together a limited CD release featuring a collection of my more raw material on Likewise Recordings.

Luckily my first EP got to the right ears internationally with reviews in XLR8R magazine and quality radio play, so it’s been very humbling and encouraging. Mercedes-Benz even picked up the title track for their Mixed Tape 20, which was a surprise. Recent remix work includes tracks for Rephrase, DJ Regal and Onur Engin... trying my best to keep my sound varied on the remix side of things.

You had a guest verse from Swedish MC Mapei on your debut, do you have any collaborations lined up for current/future tracks, or any dream collabs you’d like to hook up-
Solo for this next release but working with DJ Regal on some tracks, always open to bouncing ideas back and forth with likeminded artists and producers. Dream collabs list could get kinda lengthy but off the top of my head: Seiji, Flying Lotus, Madlib, Danny Breaks, Esther Phillips, D’Angelo, Heliocentrics, DJ Exile, Comfort Fit, Tony Wilson, Roots Manuva...

What’s your approach when you’re producing- Do you use solely crate-dug samples, or do you write and play some parts yourself-
Software based, I generally layer samples and convert those layers into a instrument rather than sample long sections of songs, etc., like combining a blues vocal, double bass note and a synth to form a instrument playable through MIDI keys. I build my drum libraries from various sources and program beats rather than straight chopping usually. No real music theory or training but sometimes in five minutes of a random session there’s 10 seconds of gold....

Which other down-tempo broken beat and hip hop artists are you digging at the moment-
Yam Who-, Jackson Conti, Rebel Crew, Comfort Fit, Domu, Lack of Afro, Shoes, Harmonic 313, Onur Engin, Ta’raach, Exile…

You famously did a guest mix for Solid Steel radio and have also done a mix for net radio station Straightup, is there anywhere else we can get a taste for your musical sensibility-
I’ve got a short Detroit bounce/broken beat mix up on plus DJ sets at Rephrase’s Swaps launch (29 June) Headroom at Brighton-Up Bar (12 July) and Dust Tones at Beach Road Hotel (25 July).

What occupies your time outside of DJing and producing- Do you have a regular day job-
I actually work at a dating agency during the week and it’s a hilarious, surreal day-to-day experience helping the lonely find love but there’s someone out there for everyone. I also do design work for some record labels and 1900 stuff.

You’re playing the launch party for Rephrase’s new album, do you have unusual new tunes or remixes to reveal in your set- And will you be playing on an up-tempo funk tip in honour of Rephrase-

I’ll be playing all sorts but aiming at the floor, I’ll do my best to remember to drop my remix from Swaps and will definitely include the Seiji rework of Erykah Badu’s Honey.

WHO: edseven
WHAT: Plays Cut the Rug at theLoft
WHEN: Sunday 29 June